The Western Techno-Maoists' War On The Working Class

The Western Techno-Maoists' War On The Working Class

There is a historical term for "cancel culture" and the angry desecration of tradition by a subset of radicals with familiar beliefs: Maoism. Every abusive communist uprising has been suffixed with the rallying call of "justice" for a century. This time it's emerged from sociology anLd based around social issues, so the prefix is "social".

This month, Canada's Justin Trudeau was eviscerated at the EU after brazenly attempting to inculcate the idea the rejection of far-left rhetoric was a symptom of emergent neo-Nazism. It's s smear which has been growing louder from this appalling crop of failed leaders.

"Unfortunately were seeing a rise in Cynical populists, who are trying to exploit these anxieties, they pretend to have easy solutions that play on people's fears, even in Canada".

Primer: What Happened To Marxism?

The Holocaust left Marxists and their academic priesthood in terrible despair. Marx had predicted the "scientific" progression of human history towards the Utopia, or man's own Kingdom of Heaven on Earth: a sequence of clashes and struggles over the production of life's necessities which would resolve themselves into a final state of perfection.

World War II devastated the idea of "grand narratives", or storylines we live our lives around. Marxism is one such grand story of human history.  The theory was simple: it was inevitable the working class would rise up in opposition to their masters and take the means of production into their own hands.

Except, this didn't happen, despite it being the most-repeated political experiment in history. They went fascist in Italy. They went Nazi in Germany. They did the precise opposite of what they were supposed to do.

They united under the ideas of their religion and their nation.


Antonio Gramsci devised hundreds of pages from his prison cell which claimed a cultural "superstructure" undergirded the economic system. He wrote that socialism needed to be the "religion" which "overwhelmed Christianity" and  "schools, universities, churches, and the media" needed to be infiltrated and captured to "transform" society's "consciousness".

The Institute of Social Research (the "Frankfurt School") who had fled to the United States was desperate to understand and explain it, and turned to Freud's psychological theories: they must be brainwashed. They had "internalized" their oppression through conditioning. It was their psychology and their "false consciousness".

The "New Left" of the 60s were reliant on Herbert Marcuse's rambling about the working class needing to be replaced with a new Proletariat. They had failed. They had betrayed the revolution. They never showed up to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven. They were class traitors.

Marcuse's contention in "An Essay on Liberation" was the "revolutionary energy" could be found in:

"the concentration of radical politics in active minorities, mainly among the young middle-class intelligentsia, and among the ghetto populations."

Translation: unemployed black people, minorities, and middle-class university students can become our new revolutionary force to replace the brainwashed traitors.  It became "Neo-Marxism".

The trouble was minorities really don't like each other; students grow up; poor black people can get wealthy. Capitalism manages to "stabilise" people out of their resentment and revolutionary zeal. Liberalism's tolerance tends to be highly effective in adsorbing and resolving conflict.

All of that changed in the late 80s, when a black feminist group found a way to unite them in opposition to a common enemy. Kimberle Crenshaw's absurd notion of "intersectionality" - the idea black feminists have it worse than white feminists, because they're black - compiled a pyramid of "interlocked" injustices all leading to the same culprit.

That enemy, and author of these interlocking prejudices, was the "normative" (i.e. normal) patriotic white "cis-gender" straight able-bodied/athletic white Christian male. The Apex predator of the Western world. All of whose qualities were a strawman affront characterising the injuries to each demographic.

  • To feminists, he represented "patriarchy";
  • To black people, he represented "racism";
  • To gays, he represented religious "bigotry";
  • To transvestites and the "gender"-disturbed, he represented "family";
  • To poor people, he represented "unearned wealth";
  • To immigrants, he represented "imperialism";

All of these groups' injuries could be found in this scapegoat punching bag.

Each one of these was nicely slotted into a "rights" campaign organised into Marxist "struggle". The Gay Liberation Front was even named after the North Vietnamese army.

  • Male majority vs oppressed housewives;
  • White 87% vs black 13%;
  • Heterosexual 99% vs homosexual 1%;
  • "Cis" 99.9% vs "trans" 0.01%;
  • "Colonisers" / "Nativists" vs "colonialists"
  • etc etc

Each of these resentments was accompanied by a socially-stigmatising defamatory slur, as Lenin had advised:

  • Racist (class enemy)
  • Sexist (class enemy)
  • Misogynist (class enemy)
  • Homophobe (class enemy)
  • Xenophobe (class enemy)
  • Denier (class enemy)
  • Transphobe (class enemy)

The trouble, again, was it didn't only describe the upper class bourgeoisie. It described ordinary working class people. The working class make up almost every country's majority and lean towards their traditions.

These people were so dangerous, their ideas must be deliberately suppressed before they even uttered through repressive "liberating tolerance" because we were in a constant state of emergency from the threat of emergent working class fascism.

They laundered these ridiculous ideas through university social science departments and obscure academic journals to give them credibility, using circular citation/credential fraud and religious-style preaching to gullible students they had deliberately hyper-sensitized.

Marxism had transformed. It had been beaten back to the middle class, who was set against both the working and upper classes.

Gnostic Dualism: Good (Communist Liberation) vs Evil (Fascist Tyranny)

Gnosticism is an old, old religion. Marx was Gnostic; as was Freud's concept of the "unconscious mind" as a replacement for the soul. In truth, you can probably categorise social "science" as a whole as Gnostic scripture.  Gnosticism is what happens when people stop following organised religious doctrine and become enchanted with esoteric "knowledge" instead.

What Herbert Marcuse did was fuse ("reconcile") Freud's ideas with Marx's ideas.

Marx said the march of history towards communism was inevitable. The heavenly utopia was a scientific certainty. World War II devastated that.

Marcuse and the neo-Marxists split it differently: the future could either be heaven (liberation into utopia through communism) OR a descent into hell, as witnessed by Nazism. Now, the revolutionaries had a true religion mission: to prevent the world from falling prey to tyranny, again.

Gnosticism has a few hallmarks as religious thought:

  • An impersonal demiurge ("the universe')
  • A cosmic fight between good and evil (communism, fascism)
  • Secret esoteric knowledge known only to an enlightened few (dialectical materialism etc)
  • A rejection of the material world as evil (capitalism, industralisation)
  • Personal experience being more important than teaching ("lived experience")
  • etc

It know even has its own eschatology (Climate Change) and a means to salvation ("progress'). This insanity has found an intellectual home in the WEF's transhuman ideas of the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "programmable" humans.

What's important to understand is to radicals, the world only has two paths: communism or fascist tyranny. There are no shades of grey in the non-personality-disordered world. There are no liberals, centrists, anarchists, or populists. You are either on the ride side of the Stages of History, or a crypto-fascist threat.

The political class, media, the activists, academics, Big Tech, etc are the Good Guys, on the right side of history; the believers, the enlightened, the well-mannered educated. They are Good people. They have received and accepted knowledge, ready to remove all restrictions.

The working class are the class traitor fascists who are enslaved to a backwards false consciousness holding us back on the road of progress; turning us backwards into a descent into tyrannical hell. Too stupid and small-minded to know they are actually reactionary fascists like Germans in the 1930s.

This is how these people think, how they write, and how they act.

But what about the smearing, purging, and terrorising?

Mao Did What Gramsci Thought

By the 60s, the Communist Revolution wasn't going so well in China. The "Great Leap Forward" through the stages of Marxian history had been a catastrophic failure. 55 million had died.

Yet again, Marxian theory had collapsed.

And the usual suspects were to blame: capitalism had infiltrated. It was time to purge and restore the Utopia. Mao's plan was simple: purges and terror.

As the Anti-Vietnam protestors were making treachery "cool" via music and political festivals, China was quietly embarking on a new stage of violent communist revolution - which, as we will see, is being repeated in the West on social media technology platforms and within the dying institutions the Internet is making obsolete.

In 1964, Mao had written and distributed his "Little Red Book" of 427 quotations divided into 33 chapters:

"We should go to the masses and learn from them, synthesize their experience into better, articulated principles and methods, then do propaganda among the masses, and call upon them to put these principles and methods into practice so as to solve their problems and help them achieve liberation and happiness." (The Mass Line)

In May 1966, he issued a "Circular" claiming the "revolution" was about to die because it had been infiltrated by Bourgeoise influence.

"Those representatives of the bourgeoisie who have sneaked into the Party, the government, the army, and various spheres of culture are a bunch of counter-revolutionary revisionists. Once conditions are ripe, they will seize political power and turn the dictatorship of the proletariat into a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Some of them we have already seen through; others we have not. Some are still trusted by us and are being trained as our successors, persons like Khrushchev for example, who are still nestling beside us."

A fortnight later, on 1 June, the party’s media urged the masses to “clear away the evil habits of the old society” by launching an all-out assault on “monsters and demons”. Then, Mao called for China's youth to rise up.

Middle school students started making posters.

Four months later, in August, he shut down all schools and universities. The students held a rally in Tienanmen square. Police were forbidden from intervening.

The party divided the country into the "Five Red Categories" (good) and the "Five Black Categories" (bad).


  • Poor and lower-middle peasants
  • Workers
  • PLA Revolutionary soldiers
  • Revolutionary CCP cadres
  • Revolutionary martyrs


  • Landlords
  • Rich farmers (Kulaks)
  • Counter-revolutionaries
  • Bad influencers ["bad elements"]
  • Right-wingers ("rightists")

Starting in "Red August", 12 million students, trained by teachers, known as the "Red Guard" terrorised the country in a war  to "destroy the Four Olds" and promote the "Four News" (new customs, new culture, new habits, new ideas).

  • Old Ideas
  • Old Culture
  • Old Habits
  • Old Customs

They wore a signifying piece of clothing which political leaders also wore to show their support as they forbade law enforcement from intervening and funded the paramilitaries' activities. Many political officers relaid messages to the paramilitary students it didn't matter if "bad people" were killed and/or "bourgeois property" was destroyed.

The first things to change were street names and store names. After that, statues were torn down. The culture was to blame for the country's backwardness. Babies' names were changed to be "revolutionary".

The attacks on things rapidly became attacks on people.

Intellectuals and artists (the "stinking old ninth" who were "capitalist roaders" with right-wing views) were harassed; Chinese architecture and temples were destroyed; paintings and literature were burned. Cemeteries were torn up. Wealthy homes were attacked and raided. Museum artifacts were defaced.

Using the "Little Red Book" as their bible, the Red Guard turned on members of the "black categories". They were hunted, persecuted, beaten, tortured, and murdered.  They were publicly humiliated in "struggle sessions" where they were ridiculed and forced to renounce themselves.

According to Leftipedia:

"Many people who were indicted as counter-revolutionaries died by suicide. During the Red August 1966, in Beijing alone 1,772 people were murdered, many of the victims were teachers who were attacked and even killed by their own students. In Shanghai, there were 704 suicides and 534 deaths related to the Cultural Revolution in September. In Wuhan, there were 62 suicides and 32 murders during the same period."

Marxist propaganda depicted Buddhism as superstition, and religion was looked upon as a means of hostile foreign infiltration, as well as an instrument of the ruling class. Clergy were arrested and sent to camps; many Tibetan Buddhists were forced to participate in the destruction of their monasteries at gunpoint.

By late 1968 things had become so out of control the PLA had to forcibly suppress the Red Guard of "young intellectuals" and send to them to the countryside for "re-education", specifying they must abide by a Code of Conduct. They were threatening to destroy the PLA and pushing Chinese workers conservative. Just as the Weather Underground became tiresome with their violence, the Red Guard had become toxic.

Is any of this sounding familiar?

At least 1.5 million people were killed. It only came to an end when Mao died in 1976. The entire history is documented in "Mao's Last Revolution" ( by Roderick MacFaquhuar and Michael Schoenhals.

Evergreen State College + Black Lives Matter

In 2015, insanely-left-wing Washington university Evergreen State hired a new dean. George Bridges. He decided to try playing Mao. The results were disastrous. As Quillette explains the effects on (Jewish) Professor Bret Weinstein:

"At a meeting held by the ‘Equity Council’, faculty members were read an equity manifesto and were given a binary choice: you’re either allies or enemies. A few months later, white people were asked to leave campus for a day, replacing what had previously been a day where people of colour voluntarily stayed away. Weinstein voiced his dissent on both occasions to what he felt was an unreasoned and intimidation-based approach, and was met with accusations of racism."

What happened next was riots, violence, and purging.

"The reaction of the student body was aggressive, to say the least. Weinstein was labeled a white supremacist, and protests broke out across the school. Along with calls for sweeping reforms in regard to how race was handled on campus, the students were calling for Weinstein’s firing. Physical alterations occurred between Weinstein and protestors, with no aid from campus security. Weinstein alleges campus security was told not to intervene, neither to stop violence nor calm protestors."

The harrowing evil was summed up, thus:

"That evening, the same faculty member who had been issuing peremptory commands outside the library wrote to the campus community to say how proud she was of the protesters, and to reinforce an earlier thought from one of the radicals. “They are doing exactly what we've taught them today,” she wrote. What do you suppose the response to this email was? Horror, shock, quiet distaste? In some circles, yes, but the only people who responded publicly wrote to thank her."

That "faculty member" appears to be a "queer black artist" film teacher called Naima Lowe:

A few years before that, Black Lives Matter had magically spring up around 2013 in supposed response to police brutality.

As Scott Walter of the Capital Research Center so brilliantly notes, US universities have been gestating some serious radicalism associated with "queer" black female activists.

The key points:

  1. The Black Lives Movement Global Network Foundation (directed by Patrisse Cullors) had financial support from a foundation Susan Rosenberg (Weather Underground) co-chairs;
  2. Cullors, a lesbian, was radicalised by a humanities program in high school focused on communist China. Her memoir was fore-worded by Angela Davis, a radical communist;
  3. Collors' "education" camp was run by Eric Mann, from the domestic terrorist group The Weather Underground, who praised university as "the place where Mao Zedong was radicalized, where Lenin and Fidel were radicalized, where Che was radicalized.”
  4. Alicia Garza, apparently "queer", wrote the foreword to the 3rd Edition of "Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao, and Che". She was radicalised at an organizers training camp, OUL (School of Unity and Liberation).

In Garza's own words:

"When I trained in sociology, we would read Marx, and we would read de Tocqueville, and we would read all these economic theorists, but in a void,” she says. “It never got mentioned in those classes that social movements all over the world have used Marx and Lenin as a foundation to interrupt these systems that are really negatively impacting the majority of people.”

And as Walter observes:

"There is one more major influence on Cullors worth noting, which began at the “social justice camp” she attended after high school. There, an activist group, Strategy Center, recruited her for a year’s training where “I read, I study, adding Mao, Marx and Lenin to my knowledge of hooks, Lorde and [Alice] Walker.” The Center’s founder, Eric Mann, “takes me under his wing.”


These BLM founders were radicalised in activist summer camps. They are being advised by the Old Guard of domestic terrorists in creating a new Red Guard. The means is para-education system and the university.

Mao was someone who "used Marx and Lenin as a foundation to interrupt these systems that are really negatively impacting the majority of people". As did Mugabe, and many others.

The Working Class Counter-Revolutionaries of Brexit & MAGA

Truly, one of the most fascinating facts about the absurd swing towards cultural communism in the West has been a denouement of Marx's original prophecies. The working class have achieved class consciousness.: they've become aware of how class structures society and culture, and have risen up against it.

Only one small problem: they've seen it in the Neo-Marxists and risen up against them.

You could term Marx's original idea Critical Class Theory.

Trump's "Make America Great Again" movement is the working class with class consciousness; as is Brexit. Marx was right it would lead to uprising, but entirely wrong about the target; not rich capitalists, but bourgeois socialists and political gnostics. They don't want equality. They want freedom.

They are the enemy now. It's not a false consciousness, so it must be... gasp... Nazism and Fascism! What else could it possibly be?

Chapter 1: England's Brexit (2016)

Brexit had been brewing for a long, long time. In 1994, the then-conservative government signed a backdoor treaty with the EU for "ever greater political union" which was never put to a vote.  It was reinforced for a generation by 2 ne0-Liberal governments.

When a vote was finally held because of the increasing right-wing pressure from the UK Independence Party vote - 25 years later when everyone was supposed to have forgotten - the result was damning. 52% wanted out, led by the working class North.

The response was severe: 3 years of deliberate sabotage aiming to reverse the result, bringing the country close to civil war.

Those who voted Brexit were described as:

  • Racist
  • Xenophobic
  • Far-right
  • Uneducated
  • Small-minded

The Black Categories were those country-dwellers who rejected social democracy, centralised power, and progressive Rousseau-ian idealism.

Those against were the upper-middle class, academics, the political class, the media, and the socialist Left. AKA The Bourgeoisie.

The result was a threat to Our Democracy itself.

And of course, one side better understood the other:

"Three separate surveys/opinion polls conducted around the time of the referendum asked Britons why they voted the way they did. These all found more or less the same thing, namely that the two main reasons people voted Leave were ‘sovereignty’ and ‘immigration’, and that the main reason people voted Remain was ‘the economy’."

"Overall, however, Leave voters characterise Remain voters more accurately than Remain voters characterise Leave voters (despite the fact that Leave voters were more likely to say ‘don’t know’)."

Chapter 2: Trump's MAGA Populism (2016)

Trump's victory - rather, Hillary's defeat - may have come most as a surprise to him, but not to anyone who had been following the Tea Party. In 2009 the GOP suffered an internal Koch-funded rebellion from those who saw it becoming too liberal.

Despite the 99.9% probability touted by the media Clinton had the entire thing sewn up against a joke reality TV candidate, it was all over by the moment Trump made it clear he was the Tea Party's Molotov cocktail.

The response was severe: 4 years of deliberate sabotage aiming to reverse the result, bringing the country close to civil war.

Those who voted Trump were described as:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Xenophobic
  • Far-right
  • Uneducated
  • White supremacist
  • Small-minded
  • Nazi

The Black Categories were those country-dwellers who rejected social democracy, neo-Liberal corruption, and progressive recycling of Marx & Gramsci.

Those against were the upper-middle class, academics, the political class, the media, and the socialist Left. AKA The Bourgeoisie.

The result was a threat to Our Democracy itself.

And of course, one side better understood the other:

"Contrary to common theories of stereotyping, the moral stereotypes were not simple underestimations of the political outgroup's morality. Both liberals and conservatives exaggerated the ideological extremity of moral concerns for the ingroup as well as the outgroup. Liberals were least accurate about both groups."

Chapter 3: France's Gilets Jaunes (2018)

Being on its fifth republic, France is no stranger to revolutions. In November 2018, 42 demands were made at the country's political class: specifically the price of fuel and the excessive cost of living. It followed a 1M+ petition. Those in support wore yellow workers' vests, often estimated to be over 70% of the country.

Two years of weekly protests followed.

The response was initially warm but grew more malicious: 2 years of government pandering followed by severe police clashes, as well as defamation about "far-right" elements in the protectors.

Those who joined the protests were described as:

  • Racist
  • Xenophobic
  • Far-right
  • White supremacist
  • Uneducated

To be fair, the GJs had more popular support than the others - presumably because they were in the land of Rousseau - but found the usual suspects against them: the political class, the media, and so on. AKA  The Bourgeoisie.

"Since the beginning of the phenomenon, mainstream media and 24-hour cable news TV channels have been accused by the protestors themselves to build a distorted image of what the movement really is. According to some Gilets Jaunes testimonies, mainstream media have hidden the non-violent essence of the movement, and dealt with protestors as if they were illegitimate, at times portraying them as racists, angry, and stupid protestors."

Chapter 4: Canada's Truckers (2022)

Most recently, it happened in the world's most progressive "post-national" country, led by the world's worst WEF stooge. The "Freedom Convoy", a large chain of vaccinated truckers, drove from one side of the country to the other, in order to park their trucks in the capital to protest government overreach.

It was a little too successful.: massive support all over the country, with funding and support pouring in from others. A US successor immediately followed.

The response was severe: sabotage, smearing, confiscation, arrests, and financial bans of supporting organisations and individual participants.

Those who took part in the peaceful protest - along with so-called "vaccine hesitant" people they sought to protect - were described as:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Anti-vaxx
  • White supremacist
  • Xenophobic
  • Uneducated
  • Small-minded
  • Nazi

Trudeau, who is pathologically incapable of honesty, said, in an attempt to get his own January 6 moment:

"On January 31, Trudeau called the protests an "insult to truth", saying that "we are not intimidated by those who hurl abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless" and "We won't give in to those who fly racist flags. We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism, or dishonour the memory of our veterans."

The Black Categories were those country-dwellers who rejected government authoritarianism, neo-Liberal corruption, and progressive posturing.

Those against were the upper-middle class, academics, the political class, the media, and the socialist Left. AKA The Bourgeoisie.

The uprising was a threat to Our Democracy itself.

What was alarming about this incident was the governmental opportunism it gave rise to, and the dystopian measures that emerged.

Another Round of Rejecting Communism

Communism is the herpes of politics. It's a gnostic religion which just won't go away no matter how people are killed or ruined. Each time it must be re-branded and dialectically "synthesised" by academics into a new form. This time it was laundered through sociology and emerged as "social justice" for Marcuse's victimised groups on Big Tech social media platforms. In racial terms it hid out in fringe university departments filled with angry black sociology graduates who suffered during the recession.

Marcuse's new Proletariat, taught in Friere's schools, now becoming radicalised in Mao's terror tactics.

They have their own Black Categories of people now, "synthesised" from Maoism, all of which are subject to Marxist Mass Lines of Action. This is an easy game to play, and why you can establish someone's other beliefs from the any single one they offer you. Each Mass Line is packaged up as a depth charge for a liberal democracy, disguised as a "rights" campaign.

  • White supremacists (mass line of action: racism)
  • Climate deniers (mass line of action: climate change)
  • Anti-vaxxers (mass line of action: TheSeience)
  • Conspiracy theorists (mass line of action: covering up leftist corruption and bad faith tactics)
  • Homophobes (mass line of action: gay rights)
  • Transphobes (mass line of action: trans rights)
  • Islamophobes (mass line of action: fairness to Muslims)
  • Shamers (mass line of action: sexual/aesthetic liberation)
  • Colonisers (mass line of action: colonialism, indigenous land)
  • Xenophobes (mass line of action: kindness to immigrants)
  • MAGA-tards/Brexiters (mass line of action: anti-fascism)
  • Nationalists / Conservatives (mass line of action: decolonisation)
  • Zionists (mass line of action: Palestine)
  • The Small-Minded (mass line of action: multiculturalism)
  • etc
  • etc
  • ad nauseam

NB: Sexism and misogyny are on their way out, because they are inconvenient to the "trans" debacle. Also notice, there are no Jews in this list, because, as we all know, "The Jews" tend to be a real problem for Labour parties, Black nationalist movements, and pretty much anyone outside the political centre. That pesky country Israel is nationalist, capitalist, religious, plural, and successful.

Where do you even begin with the "trans" movement? As the nastiest social weapon to date, its malicious influence is even down to the level of radicalising small children.

And of course, we have our Marcusian Red Categories, as defined by the intersectional victimhood status and synthesised between neo-Marxism and Maoism:

  • Politically-active blacks
  • Empowered career women
  • Fashionable gays
  • Self-sacrificial vegan environmentalists
  • Creatively-minded transgender children
  • Progressive supporters / "allies"
  • Hypochondriac medical do-gooders
  • etc
  • etc

What we can see here is a war over the control of information, which determines public perception. China resolved it 15 years ago by simply adopting the Great Firewall. Western leaders seem eager to follow in the absence of any better idea.

Four working class uprisings in five years is unprecedented.

What we can see is a pattern of who are consistently against the working class in each of the countries:

  • The political class
  • The media
  • University academics
  • Bureaucrats
  • Big Tech
  • Celebrities/Hollywood
  • The upper middle-class
  • The socialist/collectivist left
  • The Twitterati (social justice warriors)

The Franco-Germanic idealism class. The progressive orthodoxy.

Let's ask Leftipedia a question. What is the bourgeoisie?

"The bourgeoisie is a sociologically defined social class, equivalent to the middle or upper middle class. They are distinguished from, and traditionally contrasted with, the proletariat by their relative affluence, and their cultural and financial capital. They are sometimes divided into a petty (petite), middle (moyenne), grand (grande), upper (haute), and ancient (ancienne) bourgeoisie (which are collectively designated "the bourgeoisie")."

"In Marxist philosophy, the bourgeoisie is the social class that came to own the means of production during modern industrialization and whose societal concerns are the value of property and the preservation of capital to ensure the perpetuation of their economic supremacy in society."

So, Marx was, in essence, perhaps correct: the working class - MAGA, Brexit xenophobes, Gilet Jaunes, Canadian truckers - would rebel after obtaining a "class consciousness".

In Western terms, broadly, after 200 years of democratic liberalism, that's The Left. They're a victim of their circular-firing-squad ideology, as always.

Of course, you have to falsely slur and stigamtize them as "Nazi" reactionaries ("backwards farmer or peasant") in a black or white dichotomy of good vs evil.

The question, as always, is Orwell's: where is your progressive utopia? Apparently ordinary people seem to think it resembles an immiserated dystopia hell. And a violent, totalitarian  one at that. Better to reign over hell, than serve in heaven.

How many riots, mastectomies, lockdowns, insect burgers, electoral frauds, corruption probes, train rapes, destroyed industries, inflation statistics, bathroom child rapes, press coverups, and totalitarian law revolts, until the Country Club notices 100 million people around them have worked out their record is one of 100% failure?

Maoism destroyed China. Rousseau's ideas destroyed France. Marx's destroyed everything it touched. None of them had anything to replace what they ruined.

The Bible prescribes forgiveness for breaking the cycle of resentment and violence. Chesterton put it this way, in political terms, as "second order thinking":

"There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

Traditions are solutions to problems we've forgotten we have. If a fence is there, it's most likely there is a reason for it.

The reason is always, always the same, and always has its existence denied despite thousands of years' evidence illustrating it. Human Nature.

- A-