Getting In Touch With The Author

According to Cloudflare's 2022 statistics, this little site consistently receives  ~45k unique visitors a month, mainly from the United States. It also gets ~90 electronic attacks.

The author lives in Beverly Hills, California. Straight, white, male, unmarried, British, 40-something, and usually found contemplating a life misspent traveling the world writing software and movies (under pseudonym).

The site started after Silicon Valley companies for writers began to purge wrongthinkers from their sites in a drive for political orthodoxy after 2016. It became untenable to entertain dependence on big systems run by adult children.

A Devil's Lane is a term in used England for a narrow area between two fences owned by warring neighbours. It's the name of the road the author grew up on in Hampshire. And an apt analogy for today's ideological climate.

As pleasant as it would be to write more regularly, it's difficult to when you're at work full-time and don't have an editor to chop out typos and spelling mistakes. Articles which have 5000+ words take a few weeks each and get penned during the quieter moments.

As for bias or perspective, it can be measured and should be openly declared. Most of what is written here comes from a centre-right libertarian worldview (about 4pm on the compass, Washington/Jefferson area), but it can vary. It's editorial, not objective news. The leftward slide has pushed a lot of people further right than they ever were.  You get older, you get wiser. There are a lot of bad ideas which seemed good before until they met the reality of Home sapiens.

Economic Left/Right: 0.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.15

It used to be slightly more south. Things change.

Complaints, hate mail, death threats, lingerie, suggestions, corrections, or mindless affection can be sent to:

ac [at] devilslane [dot[ com

If you're a sensible person passing through LA with manners. dress, and interesting stories, sharing them over a bottle of red wine in good faith will always be a welcome idea.

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