Gender Theology: Body Thetans, Gnostic Priestesses, and Mengele Medicine

Gender Theology: Body Thetans, Gnostic Priestesses, and Mengele Medicine

Sexual revolution, as Marcuse noted, always precedes political revolution, because sexuality is the fastest, surest way to derange people. As the basic instinct of life itself, its power is formidable, and its deracination underwrites social collapse. Disrupt it, and it has a catastrophic waterfall effect on almost everything else downstream. In a bone-chilling, yet brilliantly-written article on Substack, so-called "detransitioner" account "Cut Down Tree" provides us with a stark rundown of exactly how far social science has devolved into malignant pagan Gnosticism.

Gender is something else entirely. It's not your genitals, it's your "soul". The entire idea is so preposterous it can be written off prima facie; however, if you're a teenage girl with a troubled mother, the real-world harm of being infected with this evil is staggering.

The full piece, which needs to be read by every parent and in every church nationwide, can be found here: .

We start, as always, with Tumblr:

When I was a teenage transsexual, I considered myself a radical feminist.

At 13, 14, or 15? How?

When I was fifteen years old, I adopted a kaleidoscopic, schizophrenic ideology patched together from hundreds of individual posts talking about feminism, disability, gender identity, queerness, race, capitalism, and leftism.

This is coming from naive, lonely kids getting lost in social media. But what were they?

I hadn't actually read any works by radical feminist thinkers, only excerpts from writings by feminists like Andrea Dworkin, Judith Butler, and Julie Bindel, which were posted without context on Tumblr by other trans-inclusive radical feminists. Some of those feminists were trans themselves; some were not. They were the thought leaders. They constructed an ideology collaboratively, using social media as their medium.

Memes promoting sophistry. Science fiction. Older women grooming younger women. This is called religious grooming. It is cult recruitment. It is exactly what Charles Manson and Jim Jones employed women to do. It's why women members of NXIVM physically branded other women.

And what were they teaching?

The world painted by Tumblr's radical queer, feminist, transsexual theorists was one that has since become familiar to many people.

Through the magic of Intersectionality, these class antagonisms coalesce into one great struggle: the oppression of the Marginalized by White Supremacist Capitalist Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy (the Enemy). The world is wicked, and it is that way because it was made wicked by the Enemy.

Ah, Gnosticism. Which means there will be Theology and secret Gnosis - for this Dualist battle between good and evil. And this is where it really goes off the rails.

The first step in obtaining that knowledge is realizing that our bodies are not us, but things which we're trapped inside of. We're not humans; we're ghosts haunting rotting corpses. To stop the Enemy, trans people need to make us all understand that our true selves don’t exist in our corrupted material forms. This is what gender identity actually means: We are not our bodies.

Virtuous souls have been unjustly trapped in profane flesh. The most virtuous are those who suffer most from their embodiment: women, “queer” people, the disabled, those lower in the hierarchy of the racial caste system described by critical race theorists like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi. These are the Marginalized. The Marginalized are the chosen people. They are chosen because they suffer. If you aren’t Marginalized, you can become Marginalized by deciding to transition.

If those who are born Black or disabled are the chosen, trans people are the converts who have voluntarily accepted Marginalization. They choose to suffer more from their involuntary embodiment. Because of this, they become virtuous. They are saved.

Where have we heard a lot of this before?

"In Scientology, the concept of the thetan is similar to the concept of self, or the spirit or soul. A body thetan or a BT is a disincarnate thetan who is "stuck" in, on or near a human body, and all human bodies are said to be infested by these disembodied thetans, or clusters of them."


If we have theology, we're going to need Soteriology - a means of salvation. And this is where the true fundamentalist will do almost anything.

To the trans movement, every transitioner increases the amount of virtue in the world and represents a blow struck against the Enemy. They’re another soul rescued from the clutches of evil. Not every member of the movement understands this on an intellectual level, but they know in their gut it’s all in service of the greater good and that convincing as many people as possible to transition is a moral imperative. If that means grooming teens online, then they'll groom teens online. If that means encouraging people to indulge in destructive fetishes, they'll encourage people to indulge in destructive fetishes. If that means indoctrinating kids in school while lying to their parents, they’ll do that. If that means convincing gay people they're heterosexuals trapped in the wrong body, they'll do that too. If that means prescribing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and performing surgery…

Evil is permissible, so long as it leads to good. The cry of tyrants from the beginning of time.

As always, "utopia" - of man enthroning himself within the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth - means apocalypse. And that's where it's headed, yet again. Which is a sense of purpose - a Teleology.

The world created by the Enemy is irredeemably wicked. For trans people to simply integrate into society would be to surrender to the Enemy. White Supremacist Capitalist Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy can’t be bargained with or reformed. It can only be destroyed: torn down utterly, uprooted and burned, and replaced with Feminist Anti-Racist Fully-Automated Luxury Communism.

Of course. Communism. The political theology for perpetual adolescents who stopped going to church because they never got rich and want to tear it all down.

In a haunting conclusion, Tree finishes beautifully with this evocative observation:

They need you to believe that the world is wicked and must be destroyed. They need you to believe that we're floating spirits trapped in dead flesh.

All of this is indistinguishable from fiction - or as the sociology majors call it, a "construct". Sex and gender were synonyms until 1945, when psychological journals in the US started erroneously referring to gender as the "socialised obverse of sex".

This absurd canon of imagiuary pseudoscience was started with Freud's unfalsifiable notions (libido, the unconscious etc), continued by arch sociopath John Money, and politicised by the students of Marcuse and Foucault.

And it's a far cry from Marx's original thesis. The Communist Manifesto, as stupid as it is, never advocated for chemical castration, mastectomies, or hormone blockers. Marx was an ardent abolitionist when it came to religion, and treated it with contempt as a bourgeois conceit. He also opposed the idea of academics acting as an aristocracy of priests.

Of course, little of this would be possible without politicians grooming gullible do-gooders into believing they can "save the planet" from the Malthusian Eschatology of "climate change" through dietary changes and reproductive sterility.

There is something particularly rancid about movements which target women and children. Telling young girls the discomfort of bodily changes during puberty is a spiritual condition suffered as a result of an imaginary political conspiracy is reminiscent of Millenarian death cults.

In 1997, Leslie Boss of by the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health published "Epidemic Hysteria: A Review of the Published Literature".

Such illnesses often occur after some environmental "trigger," a significant emergency response to that environmental event, and the belief of those who are ill that the environmental event was the cause of their illness or anxiety. In some epidemics, actual clinical illness in some group members may spread as epidemic hysteria by the transmission of anxiety to groups observing those who were initially ill.

Any of these triggers may precipitate response to underlying factors, which can be broadly categorized as psychologic conflict, anxiety, or stress that not only must be high, but also inescapable.

Three primary channels of communication serve to enhance the outbreak: face-to-face or visual communication, indirect conversation or gossip, and the mass media.

It's a fascinating read. Age was difficult to factor in, but one slice of the analysis is dramatically noticeable:

It is widely accepted that females are more likely to be affected by epidemic hysteria than are males. Although outbreaks have occurred in situations in which the population at risk is all female or all male, where both populations are at risk, the prevalence of illness is almost always higher in females than in males. Males and females were more likely to have been together in the workplace and at school during period 2 than during period 1, so more males were at risk for illness. Nevertheless, although most people who became ill in the workplace were female, most people who were exposed to the triggering factor but who did not become ill were also female.

Put simply, if you want a recipe for epidemic hysteria:

  1. Females;
  2. Underlying conditions causing vulnerability;
  3. An environment posing a threat, which...
  4. ... is perceived as inescapable;
  5. A means of spreading gossip;
  6. Mass media affirming and reinforcing the story.

Three years before, in 1993, John & Mimi Curtis published "Factors Related to Susceptibility and Recruitment by Cults", which helped elucidate the factors which made people suscepitble to recruitment:

(a) generalized ego-weakness and emotional vulnerability,
(b) propensities toward dissociative states,
(c) tenuous, deteriorated, or nonexistent family relations and support systems,
(d) inadequate means of dealing with exigencies of survival,
(e) history of severe child abuse or neglect,
(f) exposure to idiosyncratic or eccentric family patterns,
(g) proclivities toward or abuse of controlled substances,
(h) unmanageable and debilitating situational stress and crises, and
(i) intolerable socioeconomic conditions.

Again, put simply, the best cult recruit is:

  1. A victim of abuse;
  2. A dreamer who is an emotional mess;
  3. Isn't in a family, or has a lunatic/broken one;
  4. Has no strategy for living;
  5. Is in a very bad place.

Doesn't that sound exactly the inevitable result of someone deranged by gender ideology?

This is a dual-threat cult: of a) male sexual predators disguising themselves as their victims to gain access to hunting grounds, and b) older females - barren scholars and personality-disordered mothers - grooming and deranging younger females. All clouded in a highly-developed Gnostic religious theology generated in the universities, popularised by predatory social media, and now being sown into law by predatory opportunist politicians.

But when it comes down to it, what it really means is an era of barbaric Mengele-esque Lysenkoism: a lifetime of psychiatric illness, surgical butchery,sexual criminality, sterility, pharmaceutical deformity, and ultimately, suicide.

The answer to this is NOT "support" services and yet more money to "help". It is the Law.

  1. Criminalise all inclusion of political material in the public education system - classrooms and extra-curricular- for those under eighteen. LGB and "trans" issues are intrinsically political.
  2. Criminalise all Mengele-esque experimental medical "treatment" and assistance towards it to those under twenty-five (age of full brain development);
  3. Criminalize the deliberate incitement of men into facilities where women and children are vulnerable;
  4. Criminalise acts of political and/or religious grooming, and cult recruitment - by parents, "educators", so-called "institutes" or "counselling services" etc;
  5. Refuse the funding, accreditation, or recognition of academic subjects and scholars involved in seditious and/or socially deranging topics;
  6. Recognise Gnosticism a religion.

If our politicians cannot manage to do the simplest act of honour - protecting women and children - they have no business being in office.

And after that, we need a serious, adult conversation about women and children. Specifically, the unspeakable conversation about holding woman accountable for harming children, and sending a lot of them to prison for it.

The "scholars" are female. The victims of it are female. The parents advocating for it are female. The activists are female. The "educators" are female.

And as we know from a 1991 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry:

Fifty-three percent of the mothers of boys with GID (gender identity disorder) compared with only 6% of controls met the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines or had symptoms of depression on the Beck Depression Inventory.

Borderline Personality Disorder predominantly affects females (3:1 diagnosis ratio, DSM). As does Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (95%, Yates, G; Bass, 2017, Child Abuse & Neglect).

25% of these child have symptoms of autism:

The next time anyone attempts to suggest to you mothers are a special, angelic form of human, you might want to help them revisit some of the stories from 2022 so far: