Semper Occultis? What Exactly Is Going On At MI6?

Semper Occultis? What Exactly Is Going On At MI6?

What few mention about the mantra "our successes are private, but our failures are public", is its dual face: anonymity and mythos function as a useful way of avoiding scrutiny. Distracting from your failures by claiming it's wrong to judge without seeing your successes isn't helpful, for the simple reason what you're saying can't be verified. But even if so, is there any need to conceal your successes for fifty years at a time?

In the last twenty years there has been an obvious collapse in the agency's apparently basic common sense.

Why is "climate change" now an organisational priority? Why are chiefs giving public talks with CNN journalists? Why are ex-employees working with US political campaign? Why is C tweeting appeasement to LGBT unions?

Why does it even have a name at all?

Cummings And His Secret Service Bureau

MI6's beginnings emerged in 1909, before WWI, when Britain wanted to spy on the German navy. Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming was responsible for foreign espionage, and set its traditions, signing his communications as "C" in green ink; operating as Messrs Rasen Falcon Limited, a fake firm of ‘shippers and exporters’ at Ashley Mansions in Vauxhall Bridge Road. During WWI, it operated from Rotterdam and became MI1(c) of the Directorate of Military Intelligence.

In 1920 it formally became known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) with the motto "Semper Occultis" ("always secret"). It had moved to 54 Broadway, next to St James Park underground station. During WWI, it was given the shorthand name Military Intelligence, Section (6). After, the official HQ was Century House ("Spies Corner", 100 Westminster Bridge Road), which was on top of a gas station, made of glass, and denounced as "irredeemably insecure",


Recruitment for both section V and VI was done via "recommendations" from tipster professors at Oxford and Cambridge, who looked for students highly proficient at history or languages. After receiving a "tap on the shoulder" with some patter about serving one's country, candidates would be invited to an unmarked building in London for a screening interview before six months' "developed vetting" (DV) and entering tradecraft school on the Intelligence Officer's New Entry Course (IONEC) at Fort Monckton in Gosport.

What's rarely talked about is how many of these students were homosexual; gay students led a secret life under buggery laws which naturally parallelized with espionage. It's unknown how many of these professors spotted these homosexual students because they themselves were also homosexual.

Into The Wild For King & Country - "MI6 floor plans lost by building contractor"

Once trained, these civil servants were posted to British embassies all over the world - divided into seven priority groups - as official "diplomats" with dreary job titles serving as the Foreign Service's "executive branch". Their role was to work from a small back office recruiting local traitors and sending the documents they provided to London via protected overnight diplomatic bags or encrypted telegraphy. Because the host countries knew the embassy workers were spies - declared or not - ninety per cent of the job was throwing off surveillance from counter-espionage teams.

It's nicknames are endless:

  • The Office
  • The Bureau
  • Six
  • Box 850
  • The Executive Branch
  • A friend / friends
  • The Circus
  • Legoland
  • Vauxhall Trollop
  • Babylon-on-Thames

This tradition continues today. If you want to work out who works for MI6, simply look up the public staff list for an embassy or consulate, and pick out the three most boring positions as the Station officers.  There's no need for a tap on the shoulder; just apply online. Or perhaps, point a camera at the parking garage of their ridiculous building in Vauxhall.

Or maybe, just look at the list published in 1999 on Lyndon LaRouche's now archived "Executive Intelligence Review" site.

Professor Pritchard of Gonville and Cauis College Cambridge is the leading recruiter for MI6 agents. He identifies and recruits the most intellectual geniuses for MI6.

Richard Billing Dearlove: 68 Nairobi, 73 Prague, 80 Paris, 87 Geneva, 91 Washington; dob 1945; OBE.
John McLeod Scarlett: 73 Nairobi, 76 Moscow, 84 Paris, 91 Moscow; dob 1948; OBE.
Christopher David Steele: 90 Moscow; dob 1964.
Alexander William Younger: 95 Vienna; dob 1963.

The job is simple: be academically bright; be good at languages; be quite boring and unremarkable. Then live for three years or so in a foreign country with a diplomatic passport, with diplomatic immunity, trying not to get caught by their internal security as you quietly groom, bribe, and blackmail people for secrets. "Import/export" them in the diplomatic bag and/or type them up in the private office at the embassy.

Quite similar to being a homosexual at Cambridge university living amongst heterosexuals, discovering the secrets of other homosexuals, while everyone lived under the perils of law and stigma of the times.

Homosexuality: Banned Until 1991

3 out of 5 of the Cambridge Five were gay. All five were communists.

Why? Blackmail. If an adversary discovered you, as an officer, were homosexual, it was the same as adultery, kinkery, or debts.

They could blackmail you into handing over secrets as a double-agent, and it wasn't solved by decriminalising buggery.

According to the Grauniad:

During the cold war it was believed that same-sex relationships were a risk to national security, partly because of the prejudices of the time and partly because it was thought the information could be used as a tool for blackmail.

The ban persisted for nearly a quarter a century after homosexuality was decriminalised in 1967. MI6 said it was unable to say how many people had been kicked out or prevented from joining for security reasons.

“Because of this policy, other loyal and patriotic people had their dreams of serving their country in MI6 shattered. This was wrong, unjust and discriminatory,” Moore said in a rare video message timed to coincide with LGBT+ history month.

“Today I apologise on behalf of MI6 for the way our LGBT+ colleagues and fellow citizens were treated and express my regret to those whose lives were affected. Being LGBT+ did not make these people a national security threat. Of course not.”

No, it wasn't, and yes, it did. Obviously it did.

As the article notes:

The Cambridge Spy Ring, a group of agents and diplomats who passed information to the Soviet Union during the second world war, included two gay men, Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt. A third, Donald MacLean, was bisexual.

... Gay civil servant John Vassall, who was caught in a ‘honey trap’ sprung by the Soviet secret service in 1962. He was blackmailed into passing secrets to the Soviet Union and as a result sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for espionage.

And the BBC points out:

There was also Daily Telegraph Moscow correspondent Jeremy Wolfenden - son of John Wolfenden, who chaired the commission that recommended the legalisation of male homosexual acts - who was photographed by the KGB having sex with a man, and whom MI6 subsequently attempted to use as a double agent. He turned to heavy drinking and died in 1965 age 31.

Where does SIS derive all its legend and mythology, i.e. its influence and power projection? That's right: James Bond; the most ridiculously heterosexual cad ever imagined on film.

Moore's apology reads:

We still have more to do to become a fully inclusive employer, and my goal for MI6 is to make it a workplace where you can always bring your true self to work. MI6 is open to people from all backgrounds, races, ages, genders, sexualities and all ways of thinking.



Mi6 is paid for by taxes. Nobody wants it to be "inclusive" or for anyone to embrace their "true self", let alone be open to "all ways of thinking".

Moore took it one step further:

The head of MI6 has hoisted the transgender flag for the first time to show his support for LGBT spies.

Your goal, spies, is quite simple: serve your country by getting other people to betray theirs, using any means necessary. Kill them if you have to. And don't get caught.

What Is Stonewall Doing Inside The Security Services?

Their targets: women, and children.

According to the Times in 2016 (, more than 80 people at MI5 were part of the internal LGBT+ Stonewall network, and it was the top LGBTABC123 employer. Gays in MI5 aren't exactly a surprise, as the whole quango has always been a homosexual disco, but the inclusion of Stonewall is a serious problem.

It's harder to get further Left wing than Stonewall. It's entire rationale for existing is to aggressively push left-wing partisan dogma and bend institutions to its will.

Before moving into governmental racketeering, Stonewall and the people behind that group of organisations were blatant communists. The Gay Liberation Front's name was taken from the North Vietnamese army.

In the UK, it's being unceremoniously removed from government departments over its "extremist" stance on "transgenderism".

A founding member has accused it of taking an “extremist stance”, a report accused it of giving incorrect advice on equality law and a cabinet minister was reported to be pushing for all government departments to withdraw from its Diversity Champions programme, which the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) quit last month.

The history of the gay rights movement as a passenger on the Socialist train is long, horrific, and alarming:

The question, again, is: what on earth is this far-left, wildly-partisan organisation doing infiltrating MI6?

The Long Slow Descent

Twenty years ago, C was never seen. Let alone on Twitter or YouTube. With good reason: the work is meant to be secret. Not shadowy; not shady; plain invisible, undetectable, ephemeral.

C's visibility seems to correlate with less sense over time, culminating in the absolute absurdity of transgenderism and climate change. There's been a noticeable and utterly predictable Left-wing shift in presentation and policy which is completely inappropriate.

In reverse order....

Richard Moore: 2020 - hopefully not long

Philosophy, politics and economics, Worcester College, Oxford.

Born in Libya, IRA grandfather, Stanford graduate. The first C on Twitter, who was been ridiculed for pandering to the LGBTABC12345DEFG+ lobby and policing "climate change". Yes, a globalist.

Presumably flies the trans flag in his office, weeps at the sight of beef, and plans on  being "inclusive" to our adversaries so as not to "discriminate" against them.

With judgment like Moore's, who needs the KGB?

Sir Alex Younger: 2014-2020

Economics, University of St Andrews.

Boring, thankfully, but another Twitter C. From the Army. Appears to be there the "celebrity" rot set in.

Anti-China, anti-Russia, but otherwise a globalist who was told to stay for the Brexit talks. The longest-serving chief responsible for possibly the British state's worst modern embarrassment: the Libyan wheat farm farce:

Sir John Sawers: 2009–2014

Physics and philosophy, University of Nottingham.

Possibly England's wettest and least effective SIS chief in modern history. Sawers is an absolutely tedious, empty-shirted globalist bureaucrat. He almost armed Assad in Syria and was an EU negotiator.

Sawers was the first to give a public speech and the first appointed from outside the service itself. Female bloggers at BBC News describe him as an "excellent dancer".

Sir John Scarlett: 2004–2009

History, Magdalen College, Oxford.

Thankfully a little more quiet. Expelled from Moscow, and authored the fake Iraq intel while head of the Joint Intelligence Committee. Scarlett is an old-school spy who hates the limelight, and famous for being Oleg Gordievsky's case officer, known for his "flawless" tradecraft. His company, SC Strategy, is for hire:

Sir Richard Dearlove: 1999–2004

History, Queens' College, Cambridge.

Dearlove is a Machiavellian bastard. Just the type of guy you want. Pro-Brexit, patriotic, and ruthless. He was the 9/11, Iraq, and David Kelly guy who came up with the fake intel. Accused of planning to overthrow the government if they went back on Brexit:

Dearlove is the one who unveiled the "license to kill " of Section 7 Authorisation. As whistleblower Craig Murray put it:

“There is something very wrong indeed with the UK security services, which are most certainly not a force for freedom or justice. That MI6 can be headed by as extreme a figure as Dearlove, underlines the threat that the security services pose to any progressive movement in politics.”

Sir David Spedding: 1994–1999

Medieval history, Hertford College, Oxford.

No pictures. No face. Spedding was the first chief to rule after the service was officially recognised and regulated. Because that's exactly what you want: a service with a name and a building. He shifted SIS towards terrorism, drug-running, and helping MI5. On top of killing Bosnian warlords, Iraqi leaders, and annoying Libyans. Oh, and Princess Diana.

Does The Service Need More To Do?

MI6 isn't a big organisation (about 3000 employees), and it trades off the soft power of its mythology. And they're renowned as jointly having the best HUMINT capability, and the most ruthless pragmatism of all of their rivals.

Put simply, MI6 is at its most dangerous and lethal when allowed to be its most ruthless while defending the Realm.

The 3 UK agencies (Five, Six, GCHQ) have a combined public budget of £3.02 billion. The CIA has an official budget of $15 billion; the NSA's is estimated at $10.8 billion.