An Anti-Corruption & Counter-Extremism (ACCE) Syllabus For Deprogramming Indoctrinated Students

An Anti-Corruption & Counter-Extremism (ACCE) Syllabus For Deprogramming Indoctrinated Students

We have a religious cult problem. Two generations of mortgage-less, spouse-less, sexually-deranged students out of university humanities' departments worshiping anything available: the climate apocalypse; embodied gender souls; holy gays in bright colours; slaves creating America; the "soul" of the unconscious mind; the god of the right side of history. In short, Herbert Marcuse's unholy new proletariat of intelligentsia, ghetto, and rejected; bound together against the common enemy of the villainous white cishet Christian European male who wouldn't sleep with their professor twenty years ago, by the caste system of intersectionality.

Everyone wants to be important. In a world where any of the seven billion humans can contact one another instantly, everyone wants to be significant. Because when everyone is, no-one is. We all want to be a hero. For young female college graduates disappearing from the male gaze behind Instagram glamour models, it's marching around city squares, pretending to be sixties'-era bra-burners fighting for the black men the music industry sexually fetishizes to them.

Where can we start?

A foundation study program for teachers, parents, and students detailing the structural roots, historical events, intellectual theory, and activist tactics behind extreme left-wing radicalism. Which, in turn, provides a certification for the student they are qualified in understanding the breadth of topics used to indoctrinate radicals.

What Is the Social Justice Cult?

"Social Justice" is a euphemism for communist revolution, as "critical theory" is a euphemism for "communist theory". These things were uttered by the Khmer Rouge and every radical who came before them. Communists have always defined themselves as the enemies of fascism ("anti-fascists'), and the liberators of those under "imperialism".

This time it's come through the sociology department, rather than the trade unions.

Mostly peaceful re-education into anti-capitalist theory

This cult can be described as the invasion of "social science" (aka psychology, sociology, anthropology) into every facet and institution of our cultural lives as a religious movement, through its radicalisation of students in universities who go on to be employed by them. Their "theories" have coalesced into a theology.

These people have been indoctrinated with a worldview which is incoherent at best, and insane at worst. They believe in the Marxist "progress of history" which only they are enlightened enough to perceive:

  • White people are born with original sin due to their skin colour and heritage;
  • Western societies were created through African slavery;
  • The world is a system of invisible "oppressive" structures designed by a conspiracy of rich white men for their own benefit which must be overthrown to liberate its victim captives;
  • Oppression can be banished through socially stigmatising oppressors and disruptively "inverting" traditions;
  • A Utopia of true democracy can be achieved by engineering outcomes through quotas and favouritism;
  • Consumerism and liberal democracy are hoaxes which con ordinary people into a "false consciousness" of stability;
  • Reality itself is "created" through the words we use;
  • The world itself is continually under threat from "fascists" who want to eradicate minorities and institute totalitarianism;
  • They have an "unconscious mind" they are not in any control of, and a "gender"  spirit inhabiting their physical body;
  • Carbon emissions from the Industrial Revolution have brought on the end of the planet via climate change;
  • etc etc

It's batshit.

But it also replaces the religiosity they've lost through their pursuit of fashionable secularism. Sociological theories which attempt to explain everything give them an alternative theology for:

  • Original Sin (slavery, racism, colonialism)
  • The Soul (unconscious mind, neo-genders)
  • Sin (oppression)
  • Magic spells (creating reality through language)
  • Kingdom of Heaven (advanced communism)
  • Demons (fascists)
  • Salvation (revolution, liberation)
  • Saints (Greta Thunberg)
  • Martyrs (George Floyd)
  • Apocalypse (fascism, climate change)
  • etc etc

Everyone knew how batshit the sociology department was at the turn of the milennium. Then they started offering crock degrees which could get you a job in HR for $120,000, at the same time we found out the Pope had covered up child abuse.

But what type of religious cult is this?

It involves "secret knowledge" possessed by an elite, passed onto those who become enlightened. They also despise material conditions and believe the physical world is an oppressive "prison" for the spirit.

That makes it a form of Gnosticism. Similar to Scientology.

However, it shares some traits of Hermeticism (i.e. the writings of Hermes Trismegistus in “Corpus Hermeticum”): the world being an illusion, everything is in the mind etc.

How The Hebrew, Greek & Roman Worlds Collapsed

Author Larry Taunton provides a fascinating breakdown of how civilisational breakdown occurred historically in Greece and Rome. Their fall may have been caused by other factors (see, but the cohesion which provided their stability and core strength was degraded by events in their cultures.

Romans 1:18-32 says there is a pattern to sexual degeneracy, & a society that rejects God will inevitably follow it. It spirals downward in 3 stages:

1. Worship of nature (60s sexual liberation)
2. Homosexuality (gay marriage)
3. A debased mind (child trans surgeries)

According to the Apostle Paul’s argument—you can dismiss it if you wish—this is a kind of blueprint for depravity once society severs its tie with the Absolute & people unrestrainedly indulge their sexual appetites.

In Stage 2, he says society crosses over into sexual perversion, i.e., that which is “contrary to nature.”

Just as Roman mythology was a blatant plagiarism of the Greek pantheon, so, too, was their art. But the art in both cases is a clue to a great deal more than meets the eye. Greece was the first truly Western civilization to attempt to mainstream homosexuality and, later, pedophilia. Greek civilization, perverse & self-indulgent, collapsed.

The Romans followed a similar path, and, well, their civilization also collapsed. And before both, the Ancient Hebrews did the same.

In Romans, the stages are put like this:

  1. They became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like a mortal human being and birds and animals and reptiles.
  2. They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.
  3. They did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God.

And God's response is set like this:

  1. God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.
  2. God gave them over to shameful lusts.
  3. God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity.

Our morality is tightly bound with our religiosity. Doing away with religion - i.e. secularising - inevitably means throwing out our morality too.

Replacing God (or religiosity) with the glorification of earthly things leads to the worship of them. Which lead to forgetting God (or religiosity) completely.

And the consequences of it are a society obsessed with sex, and then fetishistic lust. Which culminates in an inability to reason morally at all.

The Bible's wisdom: God expresses his terrible wrath at a society's disobedience by letting them have what they crave. One wonders how deeply Herbert Marcuse grinned at Romans 1 whilst writing "Eros & Civilisation".

Taunton ends with an ominous warning.

In late Greece and Rome and now, women were sold a lie, the acceptance of which is fundamentally detrimental to them having any role in society whatsoever: that their femininity is weakness.

The late Greeks & Romans annihilated the feminine & simultaneously elevated the masculine, but in a perverted form. The Greeks came to see homosexuality & pedophilia, not as sissy, but as the ultimate expression of male dominance.

We are on that train, & unless the downward spiral is stopped, the same end is inevitable. With the rise of male homosexuality & the worship of a warped masculinity, men made war on womanhood—& they’re repeating the pattern. Unfortunately, many women are aiding in their own destruction.

If Frankensteinian science can achieve reproduction without women, it will be the end of women—& civilization. Forsaking what is natural is not w/o consequences.


Module 1: Destroying Traditions

The development of left-wing ideology, from its origins in Franco-Germanic idealism to the murderous fanatics of Communism.

A. European Idealist Theology

The roots of Leftism are in the French and German ideas of engineering the perfect human existence; of man glorifying himself. Those trace back to Hermetic Gnosticism. Human achievement replaces God as the centre of life.

  1. Gnosticism: Concept & History
  2. Jean-Jacques Rousseau & the French Revolution
  3. Robert Mathus & Scarcity
  4. GWF Hegel & The Dialectic
  5. Heidegger: Our Place in Time and History
  6. Alternative Thinking: Vegetarianism, Mesmerism, Theosophy

B. Revolutionary Theory

The key to drawing people into overthrowing everything they know is a strong story, and it must have heroes and villains. The "arc of history" is narration of human events which we are to be actively part of.

  1. Historical Materialism & the Eye of History
  2. Karl Marx & the Communist Manifesto
  3. Fabian Society & the Labour Movement
  4. Dark Smear Legends & National Mythology

C. Vanguard Aggression

When the majority don't go along, or the fraud is uncovered, it requires a turn to the use of force. People don't know what's good for them, and a small group of highly motivated zealots can change the world.

  1. Lenin's Red Terror & The Bolshevik Takeover
  2. György Lukács & Sex Education
  3. Weimar Republic & The Institutes of Socialism/Sexuality
  4. Antonio Gramsci: March of the Socialist Religion

Module 2: Social Engineering

The infiltration and perversion of academia during the world wars, and its use as intellectual justification in Cold War dystopias.

D. Misuse of Psychology

Religion can be replaced by unfalsifiable social science theories which explain almost anything you throw them at. Humans' own internal wiring needs its storytelling software upgraded.

  1. The Frankfurt School
  2. Sigmund Freud & Popper's Falsifiability
  3. Industrial Propaganda & Conditioning
  4. Chinese/Korean "Brainwashing" techniques

E. Sexual Derangement

The fastest way to disconnect people from their morality and encourage total breakdown is to sever their ties with religiosity in favour of animal passions and mental dysfunction.

  1. Alfred Kinsey & Homosexuality Spectrum
  2. John Money & Gender Theory

F. The Alternative Society

The first experiments in building the Utopia - the USSR, China, Cuba - all suffered failures ending in murderous totalitarianism which was covered up by a chorus of idealistic apologists.

  1. New Soviet Man & New Soviet Woman
  2. Dekulakization, Holodomor & the Gulag
  3. Trofim Lysenko & the Politicization of Science
  4. Mao’s Murderous Disasters
  5. Cuba & the lionization of Fidel and Che

Module 3: Ideological Subversion

The switch from political and military conflict to cultural subversion, via the radicalisation of demographic groups and word games.

G. Civil Rights As Weapons

Liberal democracy suffers from a "tolerance paradox", and can be easily corrupted by leveraging minority groups, and conflating moral license with state-based positive "human rights".

  1. Civil Rights Act & Title VII Disparate Impact
  2. Herbert Marcuse & Identity Marxism
  3. Conflation/inflation of Rights as Moral License

H. Student Militia Radicalisation

Idealistic young wannabe-heroes who want to change the world, and have been indoctrinated with new mythology, can be motivated by stoking their passions and resentments. The older they get, the less they want change.

  1. Feminist Sexual Revolution
  2. Fashionable Pagan Hedonism
  3. Cultural Revolution & Mao’s Red Guards
  4. Gay Liberation Front
  5. The Weather Underground
  6. Black Nationalism

I. Postmodern Language Derangement

Language is a large key to how we find and communicate meaning. By destabilising it through euphemisms and self-refutation, human thought processes can potentially be blocked from maintaining previous traditions.

  1. Social Constructivism
  2. Jacques Derrida & Deconstruction
  3. Michel Foucault
  4. Lyotard, Lacan, Baudrillard

Module 4: Franco-American Scripture

The capture of the education system in an era of decadent neoliberal absurdity, as the first communist state collapsed.

J. Californian Gnosticism

California's wealth arose from speculation and counter-cultural imagination. so is intimately tied to its Utopian ideals. Its universities worship French intellectuals and its politicians venerate mixed economy Denmark.

  1. New Age & Human Potential
  2. Self-help & Safetyism
  3. Scientology
  4. Eastern New Age Theories & Theosophy
  5. Broecker’s Global Warming & Environmentalism

K. Immigration & Belonging As A Weapon

Social integration between groups is a stabilising force which dissolves the inter-group antagonism needed for revolutionary action. New immigrants are open-minded, meaning the population can organised into a proletariat.

  1. Derrick Bell & Critical Legal Studies
  2. Delgado & Critical Race Theory
  3. Said, Fanon, & Cultural decolonisation

L. Female Sexual Derangement

Women have unique vulnerabilities which can be easily exploited if they are separated from the love and protection of their family, predominantly around the notion of "performing" socially.

  1. Womens’ Studies & White Privilege
  2. Queer Studies & Pedophilia
  3. Fat & Disability Studies
  4. Crenshaw & Intersectionality

M. Indoctrinating The Teachers

Students can be indoctrinated by simply corrupting the "meta" level of education, such as the people they look up to who choose their reading lists. Teachers aren't subject to democratic accountability as the curriculum is.

  1. Paolo Friere & Critical Pedagogy
  2. Henry Giroux & America’s New Education System
  3. Howard Zinn’s Alternative Dark Legend
  4. Science vs Humanities Wars

Module 5: The Communist Dragon

The struggle for public-private power through control of information in a globalized world, by weaponising renamed ideology within institutions.

N. China’s Malign Influence

China has a specific plan to return from its "century of humiliation" by the British Empire. It intends to usurp the US as the global hegemon through raw economic and military power, and 5th generation warfare.

  1. Confucius Institutes
  2. Predatory Investment & Wolf Warrior diplomacy
  3. Great Firewall Censorship
  4. Great Propaganda Plan
  5. Thousand Talents
  6. Social Credit & Surveillance

O. Social Media As A Weapon

Governments and tech companies have realised social media is an even more powerful method of manipulating public opinion than television. The abuse of new media is just as deep and broad.

  1. Sockpuppet Astroturfing
  2. Perception Management & Consensus Manufacturing
  3. Brigading & harassment
  4. Malignant addictive product design
  5. Teenage Sexual Derangement

P. Corruption Of Governance

China's effectiveness has encouraged many international bad actors to pursue methods of maintaining centralised planning control. Most of these schemes are ways of circumventing democratic processes involving merit or consensus.

  1. World Economic Forum & a Lack of Democracy
  2. Occupy Wall Street & Woke Shielding
  3. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & HR Policymaking
  4. CBDCs & Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Module 6: Deprogramming

Political de-radicalisation as renouncing membership in a ideo-religious cult, rather than a cognitively-based worldview.  

Q. Recognising Personal Vulnerabilities

Bad actors exploit specific weaknesses they identify via the social sciences, which typically are inherited yearnings and intellectual fallacies. Combined with personality traits, they can be accurate recruitment tools.

  1. Human Religiosity
  2. Susceptibility To Authoritarian Traits
  3. Utopianism & Virtue Signalling
  4. Disgust Sensitivity
  5. Infantilism & Delayed Adulthood
  6. Disconnection From Family
  7. Personal Trauma & Stockholm Syndrome

R. Confronting Manipulative Tactics

Once a hostage has been captured into a group via storytelling and sentimentality, their membership must be policed using social reward/punishment, such as stigma, exclusion, and so on, to ensure they adhere to orthodoxy.

  1. Religious Behaviour In Politics
  2. Groupthink & Relational Aggression
  3. Cult Recruitment Tactics
  4. Sexual Grooming Behaviours
  5. Domestic Abuse Behaviours
  6. Language Manipulation

S. Reconnecting With A Lost World

Recovering from identity membership in a cult leaves a huge void of purpose, meaning, belonging, and understanding. A counterfeit family which is lost must be replaced by the gain of authentic human relationships.

  1. Diagnosing, Understanding, Healing
  2. Rebuilding Family Connections
  3. Replacing Social Support Networks
  4. Rediscovering Literature and Academic Texts
  5. Understanding Core Concepts: Free Will, Democracy, Consensus

Cults Don't Resolve Their Own Crazy

This is not behaviour controlled by reason.

If you're one of those hopeful souls who have been waiting for a while now for all this to simply go away, you don't have an accurate understanding of the phenomenon plaguing the West. We are dealing with something plugged into human religiosity, not our faculties of reason.

If you're impatient for the day they all wake up and realise their error - like juveniles suddenly growing up - that's not how any of this works.

Mao was radicalised in university. So were Che Guevara and Robert Mugabe.

What's happened here is far more pernicious. It's been left to percolate and multiply in the faculty lounges for decades, and the breakdown was documented in the early nineties (see "Tenured Radicals" and "Higher Superstition") by academics watching in horror.

Losing a family member to extreme radicalism is just as bad as losing them to a religious cult; the behaviours are exactly the same. When your daughter - who has been isolated from family - comes home from university after months of being evangelised by lesbianic professors about Simone de Beauvoir, it takes three times as long to recover her.

As Californian mum Charlie Jacobs documents in her article "What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy", the deprogramming process is long, difficult, and demanding.

I worked hard to take back the close relationship my daughter and I had once had. I bit my tongue until it bled. I took her anger and only responded with love or walked away when I knew I would respond poorly.

I caught her in vulnerable moments and hugged her or climbed into her bed. I stopped looking at her as though she were the victim of a scheme or a monster.

A more in-depth explanation of the pathology involved is provided by Keri Smith, an ex-cult member who has dedicated her life to rescuing girls from the "social justice left".

How easy is it for ordinary humans to commit atrocious acts? History teaches us it’s pretty damn easy when you are blinded to your own hypocrisy. When you believe you are morally superior, when you have dehumanized those you disagree with, you can justify almost anything. In a particularly vocal part of the left, justification for dehumanizing and committing violence against those on the right has already begun.

"On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself"

How do you leave a cult? Mainly by the intervention of your family, and from understanding what led you into the snare in the first place.