AI-Generated Stories And Screenplays From GPT-4 Prompts

AI-Generated Stories And Screenplays From GPT-4 Prompts

Could we theoretically generate 2000 story treatments or production screenplays in 30mins from basic loglines? AI is to knowledge work what the plough was to farming: a quantum leap in productivity. Let's take ten prompts, enter them differently, and see what GPT4 provides back.

Our Source Material: The Idea Thesaurus

In 2014, Professor Fred White published "The Writer's Idea Thesaurus: An Interactive Guide for Developing Ideas for Novels and Short Stories". It's excellent. It contains 2000 writing prompts, or loglines, to stimulate a writer's imagination.


Here's the rub. We can now generate 2000 screenplays from it. Assuming we generated one a second, that's thirty minutes for a studio executive to build a decade's worth of production slate.

Ten Stories in Ten Minutes

GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours, and seemingly, a maximum response length. It also has an IQ of 130. So it's important to have a rough idea in advance (maybe in a Word doc), but almost anyone can do this whether or not you are an experienced screenwriter.

The methodology here is simple:

  1. Open the Writer's Thesaurus book to a random page (it has 20 chapters).
  2. Choose a random prompt.
  3. Type it into ChatGPT with a set of formatting instructions.
  4. Copy/paste the result.

There are many things we could do here: adapting a novel, studying a specific corpus, translating for different markets, adding sequels, inserting characters into clones of existing story universes.

But we don't have all day. So, for now, ten.

1. Elaborate and summarise

Prompt: summarise a story elaborated from the following logline into no more than 6 paragraphs.

A secret agent kidnaps a key operative in a drug smuggling ring and then assumes the operative's appearance. But the others suspect the operative of being an informer and plan to kill her.

GPT-3.5 response:

The story begins with a secret agent, John, who is tasked with infiltrating a notorious drug smuggling ring. John manages to kidnap one of the key operatives, Sarah, and assumes her appearance. John's mission is to gain the trust of the smugglers and bring down the organization from the inside.
As John begins to interact with the other members of the smuggling ring, he realizes that they suspect Sarah of being an informer. The other members are suspicious of Sarah's behavior and movements, and they plan to kill her. John understands that he needs to act fast and save Sarah's life, or else his cover will be blown.
John manages to convince the others that Sarah is not an informer, and they decide to let her live. However, things take a turn for the worse when the smugglers become suspicious of John's behavior. They start to question his loyalty and begin to investigate his past. John knows that he needs to act quickly before the smugglers discover his true identity.
John comes up with a plan to fake his own death and disappear from the scene. He creates a convincing scenario that leads the smugglers to believe that he died in a shoot-out. John then disappears and goes into hiding. However, his plan does not go smoothly, and he is soon discovered by the smugglers.
The smugglers capture John and hold him hostage. They torture him to reveal his true identity and intentions. John manages to escape but is severely injured. He is taken to a safe house by Sarah, who feels guilty for her involvement in John's capture. John recovers from his injuries and realizes that he has fallen in love with Sarah.
In the end, John and Sarah manage to bring down the drug smuggling ring and hand over the other members to the authorities. They start a new life together, free from the dangers of their past.

GPT-4 response:

In a small European town notorious for its drug smuggling activities, secret agent Vanessa Braxton is assigned to infiltrate a dangerous drug ring. Utilizing her skills in combat, espionage, and disguise, she successfully kidnaps one of the key operatives, an enigmatic woman named Maria Alvarez. Using advanced technology, Vanessa assumes Maria's appearance, mannerisms, and voice, seamlessly taking her place in the criminal organization.
As Vanessa, now in Maria's identity, becomes more deeply involved in the drug ring's operations, she discovers that the organization is on the verge of executing a major drug deal that could have devastating consequences. Simultaneously, she struggles to maintain her cover and gather evidence to bring down the criminals. Vanessa soon finds herself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as she attempts to navigate the treacherous criminal underworld.
Unbeknownst to Vanessa, the drug ring's ruthless leader, Viktor Kravchenko, has grown suspicious of Maria's recent activities. Convinced that Maria has turned into an informer for the authorities, he devises a plan to have her killed as a message to anyone else who might consider betrayal. The other members of the organization follow his lead, carefully observing Vanessa's every move and plotting her imminent demise.
As the plan to eliminate her unfolds, Vanessa becomes aware of the growing suspicion around her. She must race against time to find concrete evidence to bring down the drug ring.

2. 3-Act structure

Prompt: invent and title a story elaborated from the following logline, divided into 3-act theatrical structure.

Several criminals get together every week to confess their crimes. Afterward, they vote on who committed the most notorious crime, and the others pick up the cocktail tab. However, each feels tempted to outdo the others by committing a more serious crime.

GPT-3.5 response:

Title: The Confessional Circle
Act I:
A group of criminals meets every week in a secret location to confess their crimes to one another. They share stories of robbery, fraud, and other misdeeds, and then vote on who committed the most notorious crime. The winner gets a free cocktail, courtesy of the other members.
As time goes by, the group begins to grow more competitive. Each member wants to outdo the others by committing a more serious crime. They start to scheme and plot, looking for ways to pull off the ultimate heist.
Act II:
The members of the group start to execute their plans. They rob banks, steal valuable artifacts, and even attempt a kidnapping. The competition becomes intense, and the group becomes more dangerous as a result.
As the stakes grow higher, tensions rise between the members of the group. They start to suspect one another of cheating, and the trust between them starts to break down. The police start to close in on the group, and they must decide whether to turn on one another or stick together.
Act III:
In the final act, the group is forced to confront their actions. They must face the consequences of their crimes and decide whether to turn themselves in or keep running. Some members of the group choose to go to the police and turn in their accomplices, while others decide to flee the country.
In the end, only a few members of the group are left standing. They come to the realization that the competition they created was a destructive force that led to their downfall. They vow to start anew and leave their lives of crime behind, but the scars of their past continue to haunt them.

GPT-4 response:

Title: "The Sinister Society"
Act 1: "The Weekly Confessional" In an old, dimly lit pub, a group of seemingly ordinary individuals gather every week to share their darkest secrets. Unbeknownst to the other patrons, these men and women are hardened criminals, and their weekly meeting is a confessional of sorts. They reveal their crimes to one another and revel in their wicked deeds. At the end of the night, they vote on whose crime was the most notorious. The winner enjoys the satisfaction of having their fellow criminals pick up their cocktail tab.
Act 2: "The Escalation" As the weeks go by, the friendly competition among the criminals intensifies. Each member of the group is driven to outdo the others, with their crimes becoming increasingly more severe and dangerous. Initially, the members of the Sinister Society are thrilled by the adrenaline rush of their ever-escalating lawlessness. However, as the stakes grow higher, the group's camaraderie begins to unravel, with each member becoming more paranoid and distrusting of the others. The once-friendly competition turns into a dangerous game of one-upmanship, as their criminal activities begin to attract the attention of the authorities.
Act 3: "The Reckoning" The Sinister Society's actions have not gone unnoticed, and the police start closing in on the group. As the members realize the gravity of their situation, they scramble to cover their tracks and turn against each other, hoping to save themselves from the impending consequences. The once-united group descends into chaos, with alliances....

3. 5-Act structure

Prompt: invent a story elaborated from the following logline, creating characters, events and locations, presented in a 5-chapter structure.

Shape-shifting aliens inflitrate human populations on Earth and disguise themselves as preachers to win everyone's trust. Once they do, they try to convert people to their own religious views, which involve learning distinctly inhuman skills.

GPT-3.5 response:

Title: The Preacher's Secret
Chapter 1: Infiltration
A group of shape-shifting aliens arrives on Earth with a mission to infiltrate human populations. They assume the appearance of preachers and start to make their way through the world's religious communities. They quickly gain the trust of the people they encounter, and their message of love and acceptance resonates with many.
Chapter 2: Conversion
As the preachers continue to win the hearts and minds of their followers, they begin to reveal their true nature. They invite their followers to join them in a secluded location, where they teach them their own religious views. The preachers reveal that they are not human, but shape-shifting aliens who have come to Earth to spread their message.
Chapter 3: Learning
The followers are shocked by the revelation, but the preachers quickly assure them that they come in peace. They teach them the skills they need to learn, which involve the use of their shape-shifting abilities. The followers learn to change their appearance, blend in with their surroundings, and communicate telepathically.
Chapter 4: Discovery
One of the followers becomes suspicious of the preachers and starts to investigate their activities. They discover that the preachers are not who they claim to be and are in fact aliens with an ulterior motive. The follower tries to warn the others, but the preachers quickly catch wind of the plot and take action.
Chapter 5: Revelation
In the final chapter, the followers are faced with a choice. They can either continue to follow the preachers' teachings and join them in their mission, or they can turn against them and try to stop them. Some choose to leave, while others stay and pledge their loyalty to the preachers. In the end, the true nature of the preachers is revealed, and their mission to convert humanity to their own beliefs comes to light. The followers are left to decide what to do with this knowledge and the skills they have learned.

GPT-4 response:

Title: "The Devout Deception"
Chapter 1: "The Arrival" In the small town of Serenity Falls, life is simple, and the close-knit community is defined by their strong religious beliefs. One day, a group of enigmatic strangers arrive, claiming to be preachers from various parts of the country. They quickly integrate themselves into the town, winning the trust of the locals with their charisma and deep spiritual knowledge. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, these preachers are actually shape-shifting aliens, who have infiltrated Earth with an insidious plan.
Chapter 2: "The Conversion" The alien preachers begin introducing new religious teachings and practices to the townspeople, claiming that they have received divine revelations. Intrigued and captivated, the people of Serenity Falls embrace these novel ideas and start to practice the strange rituals, which involve learning distinctly inhuman skills. As the town becomes more and more immersed in these new beliefs, the alien preachers gain even more influence and power.
Chapter 3: "The Resistance" A small group of Serenity Falls residents, led by a determined woman named Lucy Thompson, becomes suspicious of the preachers and their unusual practices. As they begin to investigate, they uncover the shocking truth about the alien infiltration. Realizing the danger their town is in, Lucy and her group secretly form a resistance, dedicated to exposing the alien preachers and saving their community from their sinister plans.
Chapter 4: "The Unveiling" As the resistance gathers evidence against the alien preachers,

At this point, GPT-4 crashed. Regenerating...

Title: "The Devoted Deceivers"
Chapter 1: "The Arrival" A group of shape-shifting aliens arrives on Earth, seeking to conquer the planet and its inhabitants. Disguising themselves as charismatic and influential preachers, they spread across various cities and towns, establishing themselves in positions of power within religious communities. The alien preachers, led by their cunning leader Zorak, aim to win the trust of humans and subtly convert them to their own extraterrestrial beliefs.
Chapter 2: "The Sermon of Shadows" The alien preachers begin delivering powerful, captivating sermons that attract large audiences. Using their advanced knowledge of human psychology and their innate abilities to manipulate emotions, they quickly gain followers who become devoted to their teachings. As the preachers grow in popularity, they start introducing inhuman skills and practices into their teachings, claiming that these abilities will bring their followers closer to divinity.
Chapter 3: "The Transformation" The humans who have fully embraced the teachings of the alien preachers start to exhibit strange and unnatural abilities, such as telepathy, levitation, and enhanced strength. While these newfound powers initially seem miraculous, they gradually begin to change the humans' physical appearance and behavior, making them more like their alien preachers. As these transformations progress, tensions rise between the transformed followers and those who remain skeptical of the preachers' intentions.
Chapter 4: "The Awakening" A group of skeptics, led by a determined journalist named Sarah, starts investigating the mysterious preachers and their true origins. They discover the aliens' plans to infiltrate and conquer Earth by converting humans into their own kind. Realizing the imminent danger,

4. 8 sequences

Prompt: invent a movie story elaborated from the following logline, divided into eight narrative sequences and preface it with a backstory.

A vampire lapses into despair after all of her fellow vampires have been destroyed. She cannot bear to be isolated in the world of the living. When a young man befriends her, the vampire considers asking him to find a way to destroy her, even though their love is growing.

GPT-3.5 response, with the title "Destroying the Last Vampire" (WHAT A TITLE!)


Elena was once part of a powerful vampire clan that ruled the underworld with an iron fist. They were feared by all, and their power was unmatched. However, a group of hunters had been tracking them down for years, and one by one, they destroyed each member of the clan. Elena was the only one left, and she was devastated by the loss of her family. She found herself alone in the world, unable to return to the underworld and unable to find a place in the world of the living. Elena's despair consumed her, and she considered ending her life, but she could not bring herself to do it. She wandered the earth, searching for a purpose, and hoping to find a way to escape her misery.
Narrative Sequences:
Elena's isolation
Elena is shown alone, wandering through desolate landscapes. She is haunted by the memories of her family and the pain of her loss. She is unable to find peace or solace anywhere and is consumed by her despair.
Meeting the young man
One day, Elena meets a young man named David. He is kind to her, and they strike up a conversation. David is fascinated by Elena and her mysterious aura. Elena is surprised by his interest and finds herself drawn to him.
Falling in love
David and Elena spend more time together, and their friendship deepens into love. Elena is conflicted, knowing that her life as a vampire is a curse, and she cannot bear the thought of trapping David in her world.
The offer
Elena reveals to David that she is a vampire and tells him of her desire to end her existence. She asks him to help her find a way to do it, even though she loves him.
The dilemma
David is torn between his love for Elena and his sense of morality. He knows that killing someone, even at their request, is wrong, but he cannot bear the thought of losing Elena.
The decision
David decides to help Elena, but he will not do it himself. He begins to research ways to end a vampire's life, hoping to find a solution that does not involve murder.
The discovery
David discovers that there is a way to end a vampire's life without killing them. The only way to do it is for the vampire to willingly give up their immortality and become human again. Elena is hesitant at first, but David convinces her that it is the only way for them to be together.
The sacrifice
Elena agrees to give up her immortality, and David helps her complete the transformation. She becomes human again, and they live out their lives together, knowing that they will one day grow old and die. Elena is at peace, knowing that she has found love and a purpose in her life.

GPT-4 response, which dies at sequence 4:

Title: "Eternal Desolation"
Backstory: For centuries, the vampire coven, known as the Nightwalkers, has secretly thrived among humans. They have carefully maintained their anonymity, as they needed to stay hidden from the ever-watching eyes of the vampire hunters. Lilith, a powerful and ancient vampire, has been a significant part of the Nightwalkers, protecting and guiding them through the changing world. Over time, Lilith had built strong connections and friendships with her fellow vampires. But as the world advanced, so did the techniques of the vampire hunters. In a brutal and unexpected turn of events, the entire Nightwalker coven is wiped out, leaving Lilith as the last of her kind.
Sequence 1: Haunted by the loss of her family, Lilith roams the earth in utter despair. She struggles to adapt to the loneliness and cannot bear the thought of existing in a world without her fellow vampires. Despite her immortality, she has never felt more vulnerable.
Sequence 2: In a small town, Lilith saves a young man named Ethan from a group of thugs. Despite her best efforts to remain hidden, Ethan notices her supernatural abilities and becomes intrigued. He follows her, hoping to uncover the truth behind her mysterious powers.
Sequence 3: Ethan confronts Lilith, who reluctantly reveals her identity as a vampire. Instead of being repulsed, Ethan becomes fascinated by her ancient wisdom and the stories of her past. They develop an unexpected friendship, and Lilith slowly starts to open up to him.
Sequence 4: During their time together, Lilith begins

5. Summarise and translate

Prompt: invent a movie story elaborated from the following logline with an exciting climax, summarised into three paragraphs with all characters and locations, and translate it into Spanish.

Trapped in a hotel about to collapse from an earthquake, a family struggles to dig through rubble and make their way down twenty floors. The power is out and gas lines have been ruptured. And the building keeps shaking.

GPT-3.5 response:

The Johnson family is on vacation when a devastating earthquake hits their city. They are trapped inside a hotel that has been severely damaged and is about to collapse. With no way out and no communication with the outside world, they have to rely on each other to survive. The power is out, and the gas lines have been ruptured, causing even more danger. The building keeps shaking, and time is running out.
The family decides to try to make their way down twenty floors to the ground level, where they hope to find a way out. They struggle to dig through the rubble, but the task seems impossible. Along the way, they encounter other survivors who are also trying to escape. They band together to increase their chances of survival. However, as they get closer to the bottom, the building becomes increasingly unstable, and their chances of making it out alive are slim.
As they near the climax, the Johnson family and their new allies face their biggest challenge yet. The building starts to collapse, and they have to run for their lives. They navigate through the rubble and debris, dodging falling objects and struggling to breathe in the thick dust. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, they make it out of the building and into the daylight. They collapse onto the ground, exhausted and relieved to be alive. They have survived the impossible.
La familia Johnson está de vacaciones cuando un terremoto devastador sacude su ciudad. Están atrapados dentro de un hotel que ha sido gravemente dañado y está a punto de colapsar. Sin forma de salir y sin comunicación con el mundo exterior, tienen que confiar el uno en el otro para sobrevivir. La energía está cortada y las líneas de gas han sido dañadas, lo que causa aún más peligro. El edificio sigue temblando, y el tiempo se acaba.
La familia decide intentar bajar veinte pisos hasta el nivel del suelo, donde esperan encontrar una salida. Luchan por cavar a través de los escombros, pero la tarea parece imposible. A lo largo del camino, encuentran a otros sobrevivientes que también intentan escapar. Se unen para aumentar sus posibilidades de supervivencia. Sin embargo, a medida que se acercan a la parte inferior, el edificio se vuelve cada vez más inestable, y sus posibilidades de salir con vida son escasas.
A medida que se acercan al clímax, la familia Johnson y sus nuevos aliados enfrentan su desafío más grande hasta ahora. El edificio comienza a colapsar, y tienen que correr por sus vidas. Navegan a través de los escombros y los escombros, esquivando objetos que caen y luchando por respirar en el espeso polvo. Justo cuando parece que toda esperanza está perdida, salen del edificio y a la luz del día. Se derrumban en el suelo, exhaustos y aliviados de estar vivos. Han sobrevivido lo imposible.

GPT-4 response:

In the heart of the bustling city of Los Angeles, the Powell family checks into the luxurious Grand Paradiso Hotel, a towering skyscraper boasting 20 floors of amenities and stunning views. The family, consisting of workaholic father Daniel, determined mother Maria, teenage daughter Isabella, and the adventurous 10-year-old son Max, is vacationing in the city to reconnect after a tumultuous year. However, their plans are interrupted when a massive earthquake hits the city, causing the hotel's structure to become unstable and trapping the family on the 20th floor.
As the power goes out and gas lines rupture, the family must use their wits and individual strengths to navigate through the crumbling hotel. Daniel, an engineer, devises a plan to descend the floors using makeshift ropes and ladders, while Maria, a nurse, tends to the injuries of fellow trapped guests. Isabella and Max, initially at odds with each other, find a common ground as they work together to save a trapped dog and locate essential supplies for the group's survival.
In an exhilarating climax, the family finally reaches the ground floor, only to find that their exit is blocked by a massive piece of debris. With the building about to collapse, Daniel and Max risk their lives by climbing onto the wreckage and using their combined strength to push it out of the way. As they succeed, the building starts to crumble, and the family races out just in time before the hotel is reduced to rubble. The Powells, now closer than ever, embrace each other, grateful for their survival and the bonds they've strengthened throughout the ordeal.
En el corazón de la bulliciosa ciudad de Los Á

6. Top and tail

Prompt: write a summary of a story elaborated from the following logline with all characters, locations, events; set it in London, incorporate a bang at the beginning, and a significant twist at the end. Write it in active voice in the most exciting way possible for an audience aged 15-20.

A deranged billionaire will give ten million dollars to anyone who plays Russian Roulette with him. If the gun aimed at the volunteer's head does not fire after only three tries, he wins. But one woman who takes the gamble wants an even higher -stakes wager.

GPT-3.5 response:

Bang! The sound echoed through the lavish ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in London, where the eccentric billionaire, Edward Blackwood, had gathered a group of wealthy thrill-seekers to offer them a dangerous gamble. His challenge was simple: play a game of Russian roulette with him, and the lucky survivor would walk away with ten million dollars.
The air was thick with tension as the volunteers stepped forward, each hoping to be the one to walk away with the prize money. But one woman, Emma, had a different motive. She had a secret deal with Blackwood to up the stakes, and she had no intention of playing fair.
As the game began, the tension mounted. One by one, the participants took turns holding the gun to their head, pulling the trigger, and hoping for the best. But as the game wore on, it became clear that Blackwood had an unnerving calmness about him, as if he had played this game many times before.
Finally, it was Emma's turn. She took the gun and held it to her head, and then she made her move. Instead of pulling the trigger, she turned the gun on Blackwood, revealing that she had a secret plan all along.
With a cold smile, Emma explained that she had discovered Blackwood's dark secret - he had killed her brother years ago and covered it up. The only way she could get justice was to force Blackwood to play his own twisted game. With a flick of her wrist, she pulled the trigger, and Blackwood crumpled to the ground, dead.
The room erupted in chaos as the other participants realized what had just happened. Emma calmly collected the ten million dollars and slipped out of the ballroom, satisfied that she had finally gotten her revenge.
As the police arrived, they found themselves baffled by the scene before them. No one had ever seen anything like it. It was a story that would be told for years to come, a tale of greed, revenge, and the ultimate high-stakes gamble.

GPT-4 response, which cuts off again:

Title: Deadly Gamble
In the heart of London, a thunderous bang echoed through a lavish penthouse as an unassuming volunteer crumpled to the ground. The deranged billionaire, Archibald Whitworth, grinned manically as he prepared for his next twisted game of Russian Roulette. His unorthodox offer of ten million dollars to anyone who survived three rounds of the deadly gamble had attracted countless desperate souls.
Enter Evelyn, a cunning and fearless woman, who stepped into the opulent room filled with the scent of danger. The tension was palpable as she agreed to participate in Archibald's twisted game, but with an added high-stakes wager. Intrigued, Archibald listened intently as she demanded that if she survived, he would not only give her the money but also relinquish control of his entire fortune to her.
The game commenced, with Archibald's cold, metal revolver pointed at Evelyn's temple. The first pull of the trigger echoed with an eerie silence, making the billionaire's heart race. The second click rang louder, yet the chamber was still empty. Finally, on the third try, a spine-chilling click reverberated, and Evelyn stood victorious.
Archibald, sweating profusely, begrudgingly handed over the keys to his empire. As he did, the room went dark, and the sound of sirens filled the air. Suddenly

7. Theme as tragic love

Prompt: invent a story elaborated from the following logline with all key characters, locations, events; alter it to incorporate a significant love story which ends in tragedy.

Scientists journey to the middle of a desert where, according to satellite infrared detection methods, a long-lost city is buried. But as the scientists excavate, they encounter several warnings that the city must not be disturbed under any circumstances.

GPT-3.5 response:

Title: Sands of Love and Betrayal
Fade in:
A team of scientists, led by Dr. Kate, embarks on an archaeological expedition to uncover a long-lost city buried deep in the desert. As they begin to excavate, they realize that the city holds many secrets, and that they must proceed with caution.
One of the scientists, a brilliant and handsome archaeologist named Jack, catches the eye of Dr. Kate. As they work together, they begin to fall in love, but their romance is complicated by the warnings they receive from the locals that the city is cursed.
As they delve deeper into the excavation, they uncover evidence that suggests that the city was once ruled by a powerful queen named Cleopatra. Jack becomes obsessed with Cleopatra's story, and as he spends more time studying her life, he becomes distant from Kate.
Meanwhile, a rival archaeologist, Dr. Mark, arrives on the scene, determined to uncover the secrets of the city before Kate's team does. Mark is also drawn to the story of Cleopatra, and as he competes with Jack for Kate's attention, tensions begin to rise.
As the excavation progresses, Jack and Mark both uncover evidence that suggests that Cleopatra was betrayed by her own people. The discovery puts a strain on Kate's relationship with both men, and as they race to uncover the truth, they put themselves in grave danger.
In the end, Kate is forced to watch as both Jack and Mark perish in their pursuit of knowledge, leaving her alone and heartbroken in the sands of the cursed city. The tragic love story of Jack and Kate ends in betrayal and death, and the secrets of the lost city remain buried in the desert forever.

GPT-4 response:

Title: Sands of Time
Once upon a time, in the vast and unforgiving Kalahari Desert, a group of ambitious scientists embarked on an extraordinary journey. According to cutting-edge satellite infrared detection methods, a long-lost ancient city lay buried beneath the sands, waiting to reveal its secrets. Leading the expedition were two brilliant archaeologists, Dr. Emily Foster and Dr. Alexander "Alex" Walker, who were also former lovers with a tumultuous past.
The team set up a camp at the edge of the desert, and as they began their excavation, they discovered the remains of a magnificent city, which they named "Zahara." Intricate architecture and precious artifacts hinted at the city's glorious past. However, as they dug deeper, they encountered a series of cryptic warnings, etched into the ancient stones, urging them not to disturb the city under any circumstances.
Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Emily and Alex's romantic feelings for each other began to rekindle during the long nights under the desert sky. They found solace in each other's arms, whispering sweet nothings about their dreams and aspirations.
One fateful day, they uncovered the entrance to a hidden chamber that housed a mysterious, ancient artifact known as "The Heart of Zahara." According to the inscriptions, the artifact held immense power but came with a dire warning: removing it would unleash a terrible curse upon the world.
The warnings went unheeded as Emily and Alex, consumed by their desire for knowledge and fame, took the artifact from...

8. Shakespearian style

Prompt: invent a 3-paragraph story elaborated from the following logline with all characters, locations, events, altering the tone to appear in the style in which Shakespeare originally wrote.

A street magician notices that one of her admirers is a young man whose admiration seems to extend beyond her magic. She keeps hoping that he will speak to her, but he never does. Finally, she decides to make the first move, using some of her magic. Only to find out that he, like her, is a magician.

GPT-3.5 response:

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, a street magician named Rosalind doth ply her trade. Her nimble fingers work their magic, and the crowds doth gather round, transfixed by her sleight of hand. Amongst them is a young man, whose eyes doth follow her every move. She doth sense his admiration, but his tongue is as still as a sleeping babe.
Days doth pass, and still the young man doth not speak. Rosalind's heart doth yearn for his words, but still they come not. Finally, she doth decide to take matters into her own hands. Using her magic, she doth create a bouquet of flowers, and sends them to the young man, with a message of love.
But when the young man doth arrive, she doth discover a surprise. He too is a magician, and doth reveal his tricks to her. They doth bond over their shared love of magic, and from that day forth, they doth perform together, their love as strong as their magic.

GPT-4 response:

In the bustling streets of fair Verona, where merchants and artists alike doth gather to display their wares and talents, there was a maiden skilled in the art of magic, Lady Isabella by name. This sorceress, a comely creature of wit and charm, didst captivate the attention of her audience with her enchantments. Amongst the throng, a young man stood, Sir Ethan, whose heart didst flutter for more than the spectacle before him. Alas, his tongue remained still and shackled by his own timidity, leaving Lady Isabella to wonder if he would ever dare to speak his heart.
On a day most fortuitous, when the sun didst cast its warm embrace upon the city, Lady Isabella, vexed by the inaction of her admirer, resolved to take matters into her own dainty hands. With cunning and sleight of hand, she conjured an enchanted rose, its petals soft as velvet and hue most vibrant, a symbol of affection, and with the subtlest of gestures, she sent it floating towards Sir Ethan. The young man, eyes filled with wonder, beheld the floating flower as if it were a message from the heavens, a sign that could not be ignored.
But lo, upon reaching his outstretched hand, the rose didst transform before his very eyes, its petals taking flight, transforming into a kaleidoscope of delicate butterflies. Lady Isabella's countenance didst reveal her astonishment, for she had...

9. First page of the script

Prompt: invent a story elaborated from the following logline with all characters, locations, events, and write the first page of the screenplay, set at night, in the 18th century, where the main character dies.

Two gangs fight for supremacy in an embattled region of an American city. One of hte gangs wants to establish brothels, casinos, narcotics dispensaries, and illegal activities. The other gang wants to purge all such illegal activities and set up a dictatorship based on a strict moral code; one which includes violence to enforce the code. Somehow the city must rid itself of both gangs.

GPT-3.5 response:

A full moon casts eerie shadows over the abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city. The only sound is the distant howl of a lone wolf. Suddenly, two groups of armed men, dressed in 18th-century garb, emerge from opposite sides of the factory. They are the two gangs fighting for supremacy in the city.
The first gang, led by a man named TONY, is armed with knives and brass knuckles. Their faces are twisted in anger as they make their way towards the second gang.
The second gang, led by a man named RICHARD, is armed with guns and bats. They stand their ground, ready to defend themselves against their attackers.
TONY: (shouting) "You guys think you're better than us, but you're just a bunch of hypocrites! We're going to take over this city and make it our own!"
RICHARD: (calmly) "We don't want to take over anything. We just want to rid this city of your illegal activities and establish a dictatorship based on a strict moral code."
The two groups clash, and a fierce battle ensues. Blood is spilled on both sides as they fight for their beliefs.
Amidst the chaos, a young man named JACK, who is not affiliated with either gang, tries to flee from the scene. But a stray bullet hits him in the chest, and he falls to the ground, gasping for air.
JACK: (whispering) "I don't want to die...not like this..."
He closes his eyes and takes his last breath as the battle rages on around him.

GPT-4 response:

Title: The Last Struggle
The narrow cobblestone streets of 18th century Boston are dimly lit by flickering gas lamps. Shadows dance upon the brick walls of tightly packed buildings.
A figure, JEREMIAH (30s, scruffy, a hardened leader), clad in a long, worn-out coat, dashes across the street, gasping for breath. His gang, THE PURIFIERS, follows closely behind.
(to his gang)
We've got them cornered! The Devils will fall tonight!
MARTHA (late 20s, fierce, quick-witted), steps forward and addresses the gang.
Remember, we must act swiftly! This is our only chance to save our city!
The gang members nod in agreement, and a cacophony of whispers and murmurs fills the air.
A decrepit building, bearing the sign "Devil's Den" looms ahead. Loud laughter and the clinking of glasses can be heard from within.
The door bursts open and a man, CHARLES (40s, handsome, cold-eyed), leader of THE DEVILS, steps out. He sneers, spotting Jeremiah and his gang.
Ah, the self-righteous Purifiers. You've come to your deaths.
Not tonight, Charles. Tonight, your reign of terror ends!
Jeremiah lunges at Charles, a knife in hand. Charles dodges the attack and whips out his pistol, aiming it at Jeremiah's chest.

10. Full page treatment

Prompt: invent a story elaborated from the following logline and expand it into a one-page treatment for a 24-episode series where all characters, locations, and objects are named explicitly. Structure the story into 3 acts, add a love triangle at the mid point, and include Jeffrey Epstein as a character.

Detectives searching for a missing woman are baffled by a letter she wrote in code and left for her husband. Nobody can decode it until one of the detectives shows it to an expert in extinct languages.

GPT-3.5 response:

Title: The Code of Silence
Logline: Detectives searching for a missing woman are baffled by a letter she wrote in code and left for her husband. Nobody can decode it until one of the detectives shows it to an expert in extinct languages.
Act 1:
In the small town of Westwood, Washington, Detective Jessica Taylor is tasked with investigating the disappearance of wealthy socialite, Victoria Monroe. As she delves into Victoria's life, she discovers that the missing woman had many secrets and a troubled past. Meanwhile, Victoria's husband, John, receives a letter written in code, which he is unable to decode. Jessica takes the letter to the department's cryptographer, but the code proves to be unbreakable. The cryptographer suggests they consult an expert in extinct languages to decode it.
Act 2:
Jessica tracks down the only expert she can find in the state, Professor Liam Thompson, who lives in a remote cabin on the Olympic Peninsula. Liam is a recluse, who has dedicated his life to studying ancient languages and cultures. After some convincing, he agrees to help Jessica and John decode the letter. As they work together, Jessica and Liam form a connection, which leads to a love triangle with John.
The decoded letter reveals that Victoria had been involved in a blackmail scheme with Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious financier and convicted sex offender. The letter implicates several prominent members of the community, including Victoria's own husband.
Act 3:
As the investigation progresses, it becomes clear that Victoria's disappearance was not a random event but a deliberate act to cover up the scandal. Jessica and Liam race against time to unravel the truth behind Victoria's disappearance and expose the corruption and abuse of power that has taken place in the town.
In the end, they discover that Victoria had staged her own disappearance to escape the dangerous situation she had found herself in. With the help of Liam, she is able to start a new life, while the corrupt officials are brought to justice. Jessica and Liam continue their relationship, while John is left to come to terms with his own role in the scandal.
Detective Jessica Taylor: The main protagonist and lead investigator in the case.
Victoria Monroe: The missing socialite and the center of the scandal.
John Monroe: Victoria's husband and one of the key suspects in the case.
Professor Liam Thompson: The expert in extinct languages and the love interest of Jessica.
Jeffrey Epstein: The notorious financier and convicted sex offender, who is implicated in the scandal.
Westwood, Washington: The small town where the story takes place.
Olympic Peninsula: The remote location of Liam's cabin.
Victoria's letter: The coded letter that sets the investigation in motion.
Love triangle:
Jessica, Liam, and John form a love triangle, with Liam and John vying for Jessica's affections.
Epstein's character:
Jeffrey Epstein is a key player in the scandal, and his involvement is revealed through Victoria's coded letter.

GPT-4 response:

Title: Echoes of the Past
Genre: Crime/Mystery/Drama
Setting: Present-day Boston, Massachusetts
Act 1: The Mystery Unfolds
Detectives Laura Daniels and Mike Thompson are assigned to the case of a missing woman named Emily Dawson. They uncover a mysterious coded letter in Emily's home office addressed to her husband, Henry Dawson. No one can decipher the code, and their investigation stalls.
Laura and Mike interview Emily's friends, family, and coworkers in an attempt to find a lead. They learn that Emily was a historian who specialized in ancient civilizations and extinct languages. She had been working on a project related to an ancient artifact before her disappearance.
Intrigued by the connection, the detectives consult with Dr. Alexander Pierce, a world-renowned expert in extinct languages. Dr. Pierce deciphers the letter, revealing that Emily had discovered something dangerous linked to the artifact. She wrote the letter to warn Henry and explain her decision to go into hiding.
Act 2: Uncovering the Truth
With Dr. Pierce's help, Laura and Mike begin to unravel the complex web behind Emily's research. They discover that the artifact is connected to a powerful criminal organization led by Jeffrey Epstein, who faked his death and went underground.
Epstein's group is searching for the artifact, believing it holds the key to controlling a powerful and ancient force. Emily's research put her in grave danger, and she went into hiding to protect herself and her loved ones.
As the detectives delve deeper into the case, a love triangle develops between Laura, Mike, and Dr. Pierce. Laura and Mike have been partners for years and...

Finally, Help For Development Morons

Imagine you are a studio exec: the normal, talentless kind. You have a (bad) idea for your bad film. Instead of wrecking someone else's screenplay for it, you could write a summary into ChatGPT at your kitchen table and get a full story back in a matter of seconds. Or a full screenplay.

You have a problem though. The WGA have strong-armed the studios into banning AI because it is "plagiarism". Its models are based on the whole Library of Congress, you see.

Prove it! Prove this material was AI-generated, and do that legally. They can't.

It's time to find a patsy. You can either say you came up with it yourself, or call your uncle Gene in Montana to take credit for it - promising a 20% cut if he puts his name on the document, and runs a fake Facebook account with AI-generated headshots and posts. A whole new world of laundering has been established.

At that point, you need an script editor to fix your bad film. You could feed it back into ChatGPT to get studio notes. Or you could hire a screenwriter for $20/hour.

Let's say your studio hasn't banned AI. All your useless department, full of talentless hacks, has to do is feed in the year's worth of ideas, and print them back out. And hire some script doctors to fix them.

This is the plough. Or mining equipment to someone else's hammer-pick.