With dozens of new entries, one of the most popular posts on the site - and the reason for a ban from a popular writing website bombarded with activist trolls - is now available on its own subdomain in a new format for easier browsing.

You can access the recently-updated Devils' Glossary here: https://glossary.devilslane.com/.

On top of new introductory pages, the dictionary contains 50+ updated definitions and origin etymologies, which are bound to upset more than one type of person, at least:

Addendum: it also seems the FTC and courts are finally taking action on social media "influencers" and their snake oil trade:

Peddling fake followers to vainglorious influencers who want to appear more popular than they actually are is unlawful, the Federal Trade Commission declared on Monday.  The FTC fined a Florida businessman $2.5m as it announced its first lawsuit involving “the sale of fake indicators of social media influence”.  In a separate settlement also announced on Monday, the FTC accused Sunday Riley, the influencer who runs an eponymous skincare brand, of posting fake reviews of her products on Sephora.com, the cosmetics retailer.